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Coronavirus cases in India: for the first time, new cases exceed 5,000; deaths by 154 | India News


NEW DELHI: Covid-19 infections continued to rise in the country on the last day of shutdown 3.0, with the number of new cases exceeding 5,000 in a single day for the first time on Sunday following another explosion of cases in Maharashtra, which reported a record 2,347 fresh infections.
On Sunday, 154 deaths from the virus were reported, the highest single-day number so far if you discount the 70 “previous” deaths added on May 5, bringing the total for that day to 199. The number of 19 deaths crossed the 3,000 mark and stood at 3,023, a mortality rate of 3.2%.
Maharashtra reported 63 deaths, 38 of them in Mumbai alone, followed by 34 in Gujarat (31 in Ahmedabad) and 19 in Delhi, which has been criticized for Covid’s deaths for “failing to report.”
While these numbers (cases and deaths) are based on data obtained directly from state governments, the Ministry of Health also showed a record jump in a single day of around 5,000 cases on Sunday. However, the ministry said the doubling time of coronavirus infection had improved to 13.6 days in the last three days from 11.5 in the last 14 days.
Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said India had reached the 80,000 mark in 106 days, while developed nations such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United States took between 44 and 66 days to reach that mark.

Coronavirus cases in India: for the first time, new cases exceed 5,000; deaths by 154 | India News

Of the 2,347 new cases reported from Maharashtra, the first time a state added more than 2,000 cases in one day, Mumbai only accounted for 1,595. Of these, the state government said 590 Mumbai cases were from May 10 to 14.
The number of new cases remained high in Delhi (422) and Gujarat (391), while Tamil Nadu saw an increase again with 639 cases in the last 24 hours after registering numbers below 500 in the past two days.
Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh had their highest peak in a single day in cases, with 242 and 208 cases reported, respectively. A senior UP health official said, “About 70% of reported cases in the state in the past two weeks are related to returning migrants.”
As Tamil Nadu’s Covid-19 count continued to rise, reaching 11,224 on Sunday, the health department sent a comprehensive testing policy to the government for approval. Four people died taking the toll to 78. Chennai, the worst-affected district, reported 482 cases to bring its account to 6,750.
The testing policy to be announced Monday will advise district officials to continue testing all passengers from other states.
Meanwhile, with 11 new cases, Gurgaon’s Covid-19 account exceeded 200. The district accounted for almost half of all new cases (23) in Haryana on Sunday.
Bihar reported his eighth death due to Covid-19 and 106 new cases, including the 57 highest in the Patna district in a single day. So far, 560 Bihar returnees have tested positive on the state’s total account of 1,284. Of these, 24% had returned from Delhi.
In the 24 hours that ended at 5 p.m. Sunday, Gujarat recorded 34 deaths, or one death every 42 minutes. The figure was the second highest for the state after 49 deaths recorded on May 5. The total number of deaths in the state due to Covid-19 is now 659.
With 31 deaths recorded in Ahmedabad alone, the district crossed the 500-death mark with a total of 524 victims. The district is the second in India in total deaths only after Mumbai, which has registered 696 deaths on Sunday night.
In Karnataka, over 38% of all Covid-19 positive cases have been reported between May 10-17, with multiple daily records established in the past eight days.
Sixty-two people, including 14 police officers, tested positive for the coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, bringing the total number of infected people to 1,183 in union territory, authorities said.
Meanwhile, authorities in Andhra Pradesh released a sigh of relief after the state reported 25 cases of Covid-19 on Sunday, the lowest number in a day since April 16.

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