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Coronavirus cases in India: 4,885, the largest jump in Covid count in India | India News


NEW DELHI: India saw its largest increase in Covid-19 infections, with 4,885 reported on Saturday, as Gujarat became the second state to add more than 1,000 cases in one day, 709 of which were detected over a week. From Intensive Testing of Sellers and Merchants in Ahmedabad The virus continued to wreak havoc in Maharashtra, which saw 1,606 more infections and reported its highest single-day death toll of 67.
Covid’s case count in the country was 90,674, according to the latest reports from state governments, which went from 80,000 to 90,000 in two days. Saturday’s case count was more than 1,100 more than the previous day’s figure.
With Saturday’s massive increase, Gujarat became the third state in India to register more than 10,000 cases after Maharashtra (now 30,706) and Tamil Nadu (10,585). Gujarat, with 10,989 cases, is again at No. 2 in terms of coronavirus infections.

Coronavirus cases in India: 4,885, the largest jump in Covid count in India | India News

Although Gujarat recorded 348 cases in 24 hours that ended at 5 p.m. Saturday, the rest of the positive cases were detected in the test drive of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation during the past week.
Maharashtra reported 67 Covid-19 deaths, the highest so far in one day, totaling 1,135 statewide. The highest reported deaths in one day were 54, on May 13. The state attributed the big jump in the figures to accounting and said that only 22 of the 67 deaths occurred in the 24-hour period, while the remaining 45 had occurred between April 14 and May 14.
Maharashtra also added 1,606 new cases of Covid-19, its second highest addition in a single day so far. Saturday was the eleventh day in a row that the state added more than 1,000 cases in a 24-hour period. Her total cases exceeded the 30,000 mark and the count is now 30,706.
Mumbai remains the largest contributor of new cases and deaths. Of the 67 deaths, Mumbai reported 41, the highest number in a single day so far.
On the positive side, at least 2,045 Covid patients across the country were declared cured, bringing the total number of recoveries to 31,873 – 35% of all cases so far.
Madhya Pradesh was another state where the virus appears to be emerging. An Indore midnight bulletin said the city had 92 more cases, bringing the state’s count for the day to 254. This includes 46 new cases in Bhopal, where the cumulative count has now crossed 1,000, totaling 4,928.
Cases increased in Uttar Pradesh, the state to which the maximum number of migrant workers has returned. It reported 203 new infections and nine deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 4,264 and deaths
For the fourth consecutive day, Rajasthan reported more than 200 cases. Bhilwara, who was praised for his ruthless containment strategy, reported on Saturday that seven more cases increased to 50. Of these, six were returning migrants. Up to 213 people tested positive for Covid-19 in the state on Saturday, bringing the count to 4,960. One person died in Jaipur, which was death number 64 in the city and number 126 in the state.
Tamil Nadu reported that 477 new cases of Covid-19 and 939 patients were discharged from hospitals on Saturday, while state public health authorities remained divided on whether enough people were being tested for viral infection. The state recorded three Covid-19 deaths on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 74. Chennai recorded 332 new cases.
Meanwhile, J&K recorded its highest count of 108 new positive cases in one day, with one death bringing the total number of victims in Union territory to 12.

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