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Netizens criticize Karanvir Bohra for posting Ramayan’s meme; the actor says ‘learn to have a good sense of humor’


Since the blockade began, Karanvir Bohra has kept her fans entertained with her social media posts. The actor, who frequently posts videos of his twin daughters, shared a video Thursday of Ramayan’s epic war scene, noting an extra in the background, who is involved in a fight with an invisible enemy. He is seen dancing with his sword flying in the air.

Ramayan’s meme read: “When you don’t get paid enough for your work.” There is also the famous song ‘Chogada Tara’ that plays in the background. Along with this, Karanvir wrote: “I had to post this and we used to think, what epic war did they create, just like @gameofthrones.”

While many users found the video funny and posted laughing emojis, there were others who called it “disrespectful.”

An angry user wrote, “People look at you because you’re a celebrity! But you have to post this because everyone used to think it was an epic war! So why did you break the conception! People love to see Ramayan in whom They trust God! Laughing at this! It’s remarkable, but comparing this to #got isn’t great! It’s a meme stuff and you can say it wasn’t paid correctly or whatever, but how can you compare this epic to # got! friend, it’s not great! I liked you. I was your fan from #kzk. but I’ll stop following you for this. ”

There is another who commented: “This is disrespect.” To this Karanvir replied, “Please learn to have a good sense of humor, no one disrespects God … He is dressed as an asurr … Are you taking the side of the asurr?”




Although users may be upset, recently the Ramayan cast shared their thoughts on memes and social media trends. They almost gave him their approval.

Dipika Chikhlia said: “I love it. Memes are very cute, creative, fun and imaginative. This is the digital age and it is really practical. During our time we had magazines. Once in a month where there would be a little column where we could interact with fans answering their questions. But now the time has changed and with so many social media platforms the dynamic has changed. ”

Sunil Lahri shared: “I am enjoying memes and taking them very positively. I am quite active on Twitter and the memes are quite engaging and creative.”

Samanand Sagar’s Ramayan returned to the small screen during the lockdown and broke all television records with his top rating.

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