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Coronavirus Cases in India: Second Highest Peak in New Cases as Numbers in Maharashtra and Delhi Soar | India News


NEW DELHI: In the largest wave of Covid-19 infections in Delhi, 472 people tested positive for the virus on Thursday, even as India’s total workload crossed 80,000 with 3,995 new cases reported, the second highest increase in one day.
While this was the fifth day in a row that more than 3,500 cases were added to the country’s Covid count, the growth rate of the infection has gradually decreased during this period. However, the infection continues to spiral in several states, led by Maharashtra, which again reported a large increase in cases: 1,602, the highest so far if the 770 retroactive cases reported along with others on Sunday are not counted.
The pandemic also showed an increase in Madhya Pradesh (314 new cases), Rajasthan (206), and in many eastern states that witnessed the return of migrant workers. Kerala also reported 26 new cases on Thursday, its biggest increase since late March.
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Coronavirus Cases in India: Second Highest Peak in New Cases as Numbers in Maharashtra and Delhi Soar | India News

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu surpassed Gujarat as the state with Covid’s second highest case count. However, the number of infections gradually decreased in both states, with Tamil Nadu reporting for the first time in many days reporting fewer than 500 cases on Thursday (447), and Gujarat registering 324.
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The total number of coronaviruses in the country was 82,085, according to reports from state governments. However, the death toll fell to double digits after two days, with 99 deaths reported on Thursday.
In Delhi, Covid’s total count crossed the 8,000 mark to reach 8,470. With nine recent deaths, the number of deaths in the state has increased to 115. “The rate of duplication of cases in Delhi is 11-12 days. We would be in a more comfortable position if there are 20 or more, “said Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain.

With the sum of 44 deaths, Maharashtra on Thursday topped the 1,000 mark and recorded 1,019 Covid 19 deaths, in just over two months since the first Covid case19 was reported. About 55% of total deaths occurred in the last 14 days of May alone.
Maharashtra continued to add more than 1,000 cases for the ninth consecutive day. On Thursday, 1,602 new cases were registered, the second highest jump in a single day, bringing the total count to 27,524 cases. Of the 14 days of the month so far, in just three days the addition of the case has been less than 1,000. In 14 days, a total of 16,883 cases were added, which represents 61.33% of the total cases.
Madhya Pradesh’s crown count shot up again on Thursday with 314 new cases, the second-highest in the outbreak. Once again, Indore accounted for most of the cases, 191 in all, bringing his count to 2,299. By itself, Indore would be in the top 10 list in the country, in ninth position, above Andhra Pradesh (2,205).
Jharkhand reported its highest jump in cases in 22. Eighty of the 95 people who tested positive in the state since May 5 are migrants.
In Odisha, another state where returning migrants have increased Covid’s count significantly, 86 new cases were detected Thursday to bring the total count to 624.
In Punjab, the increase in pandemic from pilgrims returning from Nanded now appears to be declining. The state reported 11 new cases and no deaths Thursday.

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