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Lockdown 4.0 in India: mass transit to resume on limited scale | India News


NEW DELHI: Lockdown 4.0 is likely to see more opening above economic activities, particularly manufacturing in more sectors and, more importantly, on limited domestic routes. However, there are indications that the zone classification criteria, based on which districts are declared red, green, and orange zones, may not see any significant change.
Sources said that while the district’s color coding and containment zone declaration based on Covid-19 positives will continue, there will be much smaller reductions in economic activities, workplaces, business operations, factories and manufacturing units in non-containment areas of red and orange zones. E-commerce for non-essential products can also be allowed in red zones.
New Home Ministry Guidelines for Extended lock extension You can post a negative list of activities to be excluded instead of a list of activities allowed in the Red / Orange areas. “Basically, unless the new MHA guidelines expressly prohibit it in the red and yellow zones, all activities can be resumed in areas outside the containment zones,” an official said.
In a major relaxation, the aviation sector can open as of Monday, albeit on limited domestic routes. Delhi-Mumbai will be among the routes on which flights are likely to resume. However, a decision to restart international flights is not yet expected.
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“Malls, salon services may not start yet”
With the total ban on public transport in the red zones that hinders the opening of private offices, even with 33% attendance and that also makes government employees uncomfortable, the gradual opening of these services is being considered. This may include opening Metro rail services on a limited scale. CISF has already prepared a standard operating protocol for the safe resumption of Delhi metro services, which prescribes the massive thermal detection of passengers at the entrance to the metro stations and keeps out those marked by the scanning system.
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The sources said that the services of shopping centers, hairdressers and saloons may remain closed in red zones during the 4.0 closure.
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