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PM Cares Fund Collection: PM Cares Fund to allocate Rp 2 billion for the purchase of fans, Rp 1 billion for migrants | India News


NEW DELHI: The PM CARES Trust Fund decided on Wednesday to allocate Rs 3.1 billion rupees to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and the amount will be used, among other things, to buy fans and care for migrant workers, the Bureau of the Prime Minister.
Of the Rs 3.1 billion, about Rs 2 billion will be spent on the purchase of “made in India” fans and Rs 1 billion for the care of migrant workers.
Another crore of Rs 100 will be provided to support coronavirus vaccine development efforts, according to a PMO statement.
Prime Minister Modi had announced the creation of the PM’s Citizen Relief and Assistance Fund in Emergency Situations (PM-CARES) where people can contribute to helping the government fight coronavirus and similar “distressing situations”.
The trust was formed on March 27 and is headed by the prime minister. The other ex-officio members of the trust are the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Interior, and the Minister of Finance.
To increase infrastructure to address Covid-19 cases across the country, 50,000 “made in India” fans will be purchased from the PM CARES Fund at a cost of approximately Rs 2 billion rupees, according to the statement.
These fans will be provided to government-run Covid hospitals in all Union states and territories for better treatment of critical Covid-19 cases, he added.
Several higher education institutions and defense establishments have collaborated to produce inexpensive ventilators after the virus outbreak.
To strengthen existing measures being taken for the welfare of migrants and the poor, states and TUs will receive a lump sum of assistance totaling Rs 1,000 from the fund.
The amount would be provided to state and UT governments for district collectors or municipal commissioners to strengthen efforts to provide shelter, food, medical treatment and transportation to migrants, the statement said.
Several special trains have transported hundreds of thousands of migrant workers to their home states, as they were unwilling to stay in cities citing an uncertain future due to the coronavirus blockade.
Several of them have walked hundreds of kilometers to return to their hometown.
The statement says that state funds and UT-wise men will be released on the weight of the state’s population according to the 2011 census: 50% weight. Number of Covid-19 positive cases to date: 40 percent by weight. And equal participation: 10% of weight for all the states to guarantee a basic minimum sum for all.
The fund will be released to the district collector or district magistrate or municipal commissioner through the State Disaster Relief Commissioner.
Referring to a vaccine to combat the virus, the statement said it is the most pressing need. “… and the Indian academy, startups and industry have come together in the design and development of cutting-edge vaccines.”
To support designers and developers of Covid-19 vaccines, an amount of Rs. Rs 100 million will be given from the fund as a “helping hand” to catalyze vaccine development, according to the statement.
The Rs 100 million will be used under the supervision of the Chief Scientific Advisor.
On video: PM Cares Fund allocates Rs 3,100cr to fight Covid-19

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