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Uddhav Thackeray: Follow Goa’s Model to Fight the Crown, Maharashtra CM Tells Districts | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: CM Uddhav Thackeray suggested on Tuesday that some of Maharashtra’s districts can fight the coronavirus by pulling out a sheet from the Coa without Covid playbook, including house-to-house surveys and treatment of all patients.

Making it clear that the district’s borders will not open anytime soon, Thackeray, speaking to district authorities via video conference on Tuesday, asked them to submit to the Center their plans detailing how to ease restrictions during shutdown 4.0 through Friday. He also instructed them to focus on the containment areas and take precautionary measures so that the infection does not spread from there.

“The CM has suggested that some districts should implement the Goa pattern and begin house-to-house surveys to verify not only Covid-19 symptoms but also monsoon-related illnesses to stop the diseases,” said an official, noting Goa. it is approximately the size of a Maharashtra district.

Reviewing the Green, Orange and Red Zones situation, Thackeray said that even if the closure is relaxed for the foreseeable future, the district’s boundaries will not open, considering the massive movement of migrant workers. The CM asked all district fundraisers and division commissioners to review whether the exodus of migrants has caused a labor shortage and fill it with local people.

Speaking of the advent of the monsoon, he said, “District authorities must deal with waterborne diseases, alert the medical system and receive help from private professionals,” he added.

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