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State links to take advantage of the E-pass for emergency movements during the blockade


NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 outbreak has stopped the nation. The block to prevent the virus from spreading is approaching the 50-day mark.

The center and state government have been proactively urging citizens to stay home and venture out if necessary. Frontline and healthcare workers have been vigilant throughout the shutdown, and government agencies and stakeholders are closely monitoring the situation.

Last week, the government initiated the third phase of the blockade, allowing certain activities. The nation has been classified into red, orange, and green zones based on the severity of the outbreak.

The Ministry of Railways also plans to restart passenger train services gradually starting May 12. Movement on public transport across the country has been largely restricted.

However, the government, both states, and the Center have issued the E-Pass service provision for medical and other emergency services.

State links for E-Passes or the movement permit process have been mentioned below:

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Nicobars District

North and Middle Andaman

Southern Andaman

For southern Andaman,
Download the application at the following link and send it to DC

Andhra Pradesh

Registration link

DCC / MC / Tahsildar verification link


E-Pass application link


E-Pass application link


The state government has
He devised an application to take advantage of E-Pass.


Application dashboard

Go to

To travel allowt

For temporary pass

Write to DC / Sub DM requesting permission to open factory / warehouse, employee movement and cargo / truck (Include details such as company name and factory address, line of business (specify why it is an essential product, names and copies of identification) employee cards, any other specification) and follow-up with them. For any additional questions, the person can call 079 2325 1900 to request an update.


Motion pass

Application dashboard

Himachal Pradesh

Request a curfew pass

For vehicle movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu and Una,
you can also apply to :

(Click on “Select State”> Choose “Himachal Pradesh” from the drop down menu> Scroll down for “Newly launched services”> Click on “Epass Issue”)

Jammu and Kashmir

Request a curfew pass


Request a curfew pass


Bangalore: organizations and individuals can get passes from

Karnataka State Police (KSP) electronic portal

Access individual FAQs

Access frequently asked questions for organizations


Interdistrict travel pass


Click the link to request an electronic pass

Madhya Pradesh:

Link for e-pass


MIDC: For factory / plant operation during lockout. Write an email to concerned DC at https://permission.midcindia.org/

For movement of a restricted number of employees in Maharashtra, except Pune: https://covid19.mhpolice.in/

For movement of a restricted number of employees in Pune: https://www.punepolice.in/


E-Pass Board


E-Pass Board


E-Pass is issued for those who are dedicated to providing essential services like health, manufacturing, transportation, storage, shops, banking, media.
For electronic passes

It can also be applied in


Request pass

Access the video here on how to use the RajCop Citizen app for the closing pass at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIrh_o84_0&feature=youtu.be

Check the site for frequently asked questions

The pass can also be applied in

Tamil Nadu:

Request E-Pass

The pass can also be applied in


E-Pass can be applied in

Uttar Pradesh:

Request E-pass:


Link to E-Pass and frequently asked questions

West of Bengal:

Link to E-Pass

Daman and Diu:

Link to E-Pass


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