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Bois Locker Room News: “Sidharth” is actually a girl; fake account used to suggest plan for sexual assault | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: It was a girl who created a fake Snapchat profile and texted a classmate, talking about her own sexual assault, research revealed in # BoisLocker-Room chats. The boy in the conversation had refused to participate in the sexual assault and stopped responding as well.

Police said a screenshot of the Snapchat conversation initially went viral, along with locker room chats, but it turned out that the two conversations were unrelated. His investigation revealed that a girl had created a fake account named Sidharth on Snapchat and chatted with a male classmate about planning a sexual assault, apparently to see how he would react.

DCP (cybercell) Anyesh Roy said: “There were many screenshots that went viral and one of them was a screenshot of a one-on-one Snapchat conversation, where a person identified as ‘Sidharth’ suggests a sexual assault plan aggravated a girl for the other boy. The alleged conversation was actually between a girl who had created a fake account on behalf of “Sidharth” and sent the messages to the boy, she suggested a plan to sexually attack.

Investigating authorities revealed that the girl and the boy live in the same neighborhood.

Talks in the dressing room: the girl wanted to “test the character”

Police examined the girl and revealed that she sent the messages to verify the boy’s reaction and the “strength of his character.”

Subsequently, the boy shared the screenshot of the Snapchat conversation with his friends, including the girl who had spoken to him using the fake account.

“Later, someone posted the screenshot on their Instagram story and it went viral,” said Roy.

The Snapchat conversation was initially believed to be a conversation between guys who were part of #BoisLockerRoom. It turns out that none of the 27 children identified so far was part of any conversation on Snapchat.

So far, the police have arrested the administrator of Noida’s #BoisLockerRoom group and detained a minor who was in the group. Of the 27 children, 24 have been examined, two are out of reach and the details of one more are expected.

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