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Uddhav Thackeray: Will Not Summon Army, But Can Seek More Strength To Help Stressed Policemen | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray On Friday, he contested rumors that the army would be called up in Mumbai as the Covid-19 cases showed no signs of abating, saying that if necessary, the state can seek additional Center forces to allow the police force to rest. state gradually. conduct.
“There is a rumor that Mumbai will be handed over to the army and that everything will be closed and all the stores will be closed. There is no need for the army, and the army will not come to Mumbai. Soldiers keep borders secure and in this fight against the coronavirus, we are the warriors, ”said Thackeray, addressing the state through its social media platforms. He admitted that the blockade had not yet broken the chain of Covid-19 infection.
“The lock was like a speed switch, but we have not managed to break the chain,” he said. The CM made it clear that whether the blockade will extend beyond May 17 or whether it will be lifted is in the hands of the people. “There are still some areas where people lack discipline. If you violate the blockade, you are spreading the crisis, ”said Thackeray.
State machinery, including documents, police and officers, highlighted: CM
The state government is increasing the number of patient beds, and rounding up more doctors as a precaution. “I ask management to double the bed capacity on the BKC grounds. We are also calling on homeopathy and Ayurvedic doctors to join the fight, “said Thackeray.
He added that the state machinery, including doctors, administrators and police, is overworked and under a lot of stress.
“Many police officers got sick and even died fighting for us. Police personnel are working 24 hours and are under tremendous stress. You need to give them a little rest. It is cruel to leave them alone only when they get sick. The police need to rest in a staggered manner and bring her back, and until that time, if necessary, additional labor will be requested from the Center, ”said Thackeray, who again clarified that these words should not be misinterpreted to mean that they bring in the army.
Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh also cleared the air, tweeting: “Let me put on record that @MumbaiPolice is competent enough to handle the situation.”

Speaking about recent video clips that allegedly show dead bodies around patients at Sion hospital, the prime minister said that negligence in hospitals and towards patients would not be tolerated by the state government.

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