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Mother’s Day 2020 is here, and this year it will be celebrated on Sunday, May 10, 2020. Mother’s Day is celebrated on several days in many parts of the world. In India, every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. It is a day dedicated to expressing her love and honoring her mother for her influence on her life.

On Mother’s Day, people plan something special for their mother. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank your mother for all the sacrifices and love she has given you.

So, on this Mother’s Day, make a promise to make your mother’s day brighter. Send these Hindu messages, Shayari, poems, wishes, photos, images, messages, quotes, SMS, status, greetings, wallpapers and photos to your lovely lady who brought you into this world.

Mother’s Day 2020: Hindi Wishes, Messages, Shayari & Poems

Meri sari galtiyo ko wo maf karti hai ..!

Bahut I like hokar bhi pyar deti hai …!

Uske hontho pe hmesa dua hoti hai ..!

Aisa karne walisirf, aur sirf, hmari maa hoti hai … !!

He created a relationship with the mother.

Put in sight

Here is my relationship

If he’s sad, don’t even smile at us!

The punishment of some of our crimes also goes hand in hand,

We no longer walk alone, medicine also accompanies

Still my mother I will be nothing

Dua walks when I leave the house!

My dear bus

It revolves around a celebrity,

I love I love heaven

Because he also kisses my mother’s steps!

Manjil door aur safar bahut hai …

choti si zindgi ki fikar bahut hai …

kha jati ye duniya kab ki hume…

lekin “maa” ki duaon main roast bahut hai !!!

She is special in the life of each person,

Despite being far away, she is close to the heart,

Before which death can also bow its head,

She is nobody but mother!

What is your pleasure

Li would surrender


Will you ever win?

Can not!

Happy Mother’s Day! !!

When the mother feeds her children,

So she has a little mother;

Who says love And what is Mamta?

Some may ask children whose mother dies;

Even if we forget the mother in happiness,

When problems arise, you miss your mother!

Log masjidon main jannat talash kartay hain,

Fursat itni nahi hoti ki qadam Maa ke choo Lein!

When I wrote on paper, I called my mother …

The pen spoke firmly, the four dhams were ready …

mothers day 600

What is not found here,

Everything is found but “mother” is not found,

Parents are friends who do not meet again in life,

Keep them happy, look again where paradise is not found!

Mother misses you, come to me

I got tired of falling asleep

Fingers turn my hair

Recite nursery rhymes once again!

Mauka mile jab bhi kabhi tumhe,

We maa ko khushi diye jana,

Khushi ho ya gam ke baadal,

Sada khush rakhna aur muskurana!

When we couldn’t even speak,

Even then, our mother understood everything.

And today, when we learned to speak,

So he talks about it, “Stop understanding, mother!”

My life illuminates me every day

My mother’s lullabies in the dead of night …

Everyone said that today is Mother’s Day.

Who will say what day it is, without a mother!

On my love list

It’s just your name

Also in the selection list

It’s just your name

You are my mother and my friend

My love is always with you

|| Happy Mother’s Day ||

Where is the “leisure” for me that I am the destination?

See writing

Only from your mother ”

Smile “I understand

That “my fortune” is high

Maa Bina Zindagi Viran Hoti Hai.

Tanha safar mein har rah sunsaan hoti hai …

Zindagi mein maa ka hona zaruri hai …

Maa ki duwaon se hi har muskhil aasaan hoti hai .. !!

God gave this freedom to the mother,

Every problem in your prayers was also avoided …

He exemplified mother’s love like this,

That he took Jannat and put him in his mother’s footsteps!

Love learning someone

Love someone, learn from you

You are not just an idol mother,

Be a piece of everyone’s heart

I say, I say mother

You stay like this forever …

|| Happy Mother’s Day ||

Happy Mother’s Day 2020: wishes and messages

* Mother, you are the first person I have loved after opening my eyes on earth. I love you mama

* Happy Mother’s Day to the most elegant, beautiful and charming lady I have ever seen in this world! Happy Mother’s Day!

* Thanks for your inexhaustible support and love, mom! I love you mom

* Not only did you give me this life, but you also gave me a purpose to live. I want to thank you mom for everything. Happy Mother’s Day!

* No matter how hard I try, no word will suffice to express my gratitude and thanks. Happy Mother’s Day!

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