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Coronavirus: You have to learn to live with Covid-19: Government | India News


NEW DELHI: The health ministry said on Friday that Indians would have to learn to live with coronavirus, indicating that there might not be an early decrease in the disease and would require adjustment to a new normality of social distancing and sanitation that could become part of everyday life for some time.
Answer questions about the trajectory of the Covid-19 curve in the context of the AIIMS director Dr. Randeep GuleriaComment that there could be a peak in June-July, spokesman for the Union health ministry Lav Agarwal He said community support was needed to fight the infection and manage it at current levels.
“When we talk about relaxations and returning migrant workers, we face a great challenge. We have to learn to live with the virus, and for that we need to introduce certain behavioral changes, to implement social distancing practices to combat this virus. It is a difficult battle and we need everyone’s cooperation and community support, “said Agarwal.
The official’s comments signaled a long battle in which pre-block normalcy might not be feasible for some time. Rather, the possibility of containment Strategies are a common feature as infection increases or decreases, or breaks out due to local outbreaks, even if the curve flattens out, it appears to be a likely scenario with public and private interactions adjusting to the new rules of engagement.
At the same time, the comments can be seen as an effort to “normalize” life to the best extent possible with many parts of the country showing improvement. In 216 districts, no positive case has been detected. In 42 districts, no new cases have been reported in the last 28 days, while 29 districts have had none in 21 days. In addition, 36 districts have reported no cases for 14 days and 46 none in the past seven days, Agarwal said.
Up to 3,390 new positive cases and 103 deaths were reported from all over the country in the last 24 hours, taking the total COVID-19 cases in India at 56,342. Of this, 37,916 are active, while 1,886 people have died, according to ministry data.
The comments came after the doubling rate worsened in the last week from 12 days to 10, led by a sharp increase in positive cases in some states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi, where the Center has pointed out important gaps in containment measures and locating contacts. Similarly, there has been an update on the count in West Bengal.
Noting that a collective effort was required to stop the spread of infectious diseases, Agarwal said the disease moved in a certain way, even if one state did not implement 100% of the containment measures and this affected the national graph.
The recovery rate from illness has improved to 29.36%, compared to around 13% in mid-April.
The data also showed a lower severity of the disease with 3.2% of the total active cases with oxygen support, 4.2% in the ICU and 1.1% with ventilator support.
In response to a query about when India was likely to see a spike in Covid-19 cases, Agarwal said: “If we follow the two and no duties, we may not reach the peak in number of cases and our curve will continue to remain flat “.
On video: I have to learn to live with Covid-19, says government

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