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Coronavirus in Hyderabad: birthday party trigger for 45 cases of coronavirus in LB Nagar | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: A birthday party hosted by a store owner triggered 45 positive Covid-19 cases and 15 new containment groups at LB Nagar, which is now an entry point for new coronaviruses in Hyderabad.

The virus spread shortly after the store owner, who stays in Saroornagar, organized the party for his friend in Vanasthalipuram. Those who participated in the party contracted the virus from the store owner, who was infected by a worker in Malakpet Gunj, where he has the store. From just two containment groups some time ago, the number of groups at LB Nagar had climbed to 15 on Saturday.

Among the 45 positive cases, 25 belong to the families of the two store owners, a GHMC official confirmed. “Both store owners contracted the virus from Malakpet Gunj workers. Both are friends of the family and visit each other. Some of his relatives had a fever and soon the virus spread to the rest of the families after the birthday party, ”a GHMC official told STOI.

On Saturday GHMC Commissioner DS Lokesh Kumar visited LB Nagar to assess the situation. The sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed at Vanasthalipuram and Saroornagar in the afternoon, as officials began to search for the main contacts of the positive cases.

“Those who tested positive were sent to the hospital. Tests are underway to identify the main contacts, ”said a GHMC official. Although GHMC had previously decided that domestic quarantine would be sufficient rather than isolating the entire locality, officials fenced off the area. “We had to declare the containment group in the locality after the new Covid-19 cases in LB Nagar,” said the official.

Both friends have stores in Malakpet Gunj, a wholesale market. While one stays in Saroornagar, the other resides in Vanasthalipuram. Both areas fall under the GHMC LB Nagar zone.

There were 57 positive cases in LB Nagar, of which seven people recovered and five succumbed to the virus. “The 57 cases in LB Nagar have not been reported in a single day. When we started testing the primary contacts of the two store owners, the new positive cases were detected, “said a senior GHMC official.

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