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Amit Shah Health Update: I am healthy, do not suffer from any disease, says Amit Shah | India News

NEW DELHI: BJP leader Amit Shah dismissed all rumors about his health on Saturday, saying he is “healthy” and that he fulfilled his responsibilities as interior minister with full dedication.
On Twitter, the Union’s interior minister wrote: “I am completely healthy and do not suffer from any disease.”

Shah said rumors about his health conditions have spread through social media.
Dispelling the rumors, the interior minister said the country is facing the coronavirus crisis and that he was busy with his work and ignored the rumors about his health.
“When I became aware of this matter, I thought that the people who are spreading the rumors should continue to enjoy their hypothetical thinking and that is why I did not clarify or respond to it earlier,” Shah said.
However, the interior minister said thousands of workers and party leaders had expressed concern, after which he could no longer ignore the rumors. Then I clarify: “I am healthy and cordial and I have no disease.”
Amit Shah said: “According to Hindu beliefs, such rumors make people healthier, therefore I hope that these people stop speculating on my health and allow me to focus on my work.” ”
Expressing gratitude to those concerned about his health, the Interior Minister clarified that he had no ill will against the rumors that were spreading.
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