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Rahul Gandhi: ‘Lock not on / off’, says Rahul Gandhi about Coronavirus | India News


NEW DELHI: Coronavirus-induced blockade “is not an on-off switch” and requires everyone’s cooperation, Congressman Rahul Gandhi said Friday during an online news conference.

On the issue of lifting the coronavirus-induced blockade, the leader of Congress said the central government needs to implement transparency in its actions.

“Openness is a transition. You must have a strategy for opening,” he said.

The former president of Congress said lifting the shutdown is not an “on and off” switch and that the government would need to better coordinate its actions with state governments and especially with the people of this country.

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“The (central) government should view state governments and district administrations as partners,” he added.

Responding to a question about the ongoing blockade, Rahul added that it is time to plan for the future and not criticize (the government’s actions).

“We are wasting time. The more time we lose, the more serious the problem will be. Right now, the time for us is to open up,” he said.

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The congressional leader also added the importance of adding money into the hands of migrant workers, poor industry, and MSMEs.

“Because if we don’t help them today, the job loss will turn into a tsunami,” he said.

On categorizing districts into three zones, Rahul said the demarcation should be done at the state and district levels, rather than the national level.

“Red, orange, and green zones have been delimited at the national level. These zones must be decided at state levels that involve district magistrates. Our CMs are saying that areas that are red zones at the national level are actually green zones and vice versa”. he said.

He also said there is a “clash” between the economic supply chain and the “red, orange and green zones”, which must be resolved.

“The important issue is addressing the atmosphere of fear. We should focus on the facts. The fact is that the coronavirus is not deadly for 99% of people. It is only deadly for the remaining 1% who are old, suffering from hypertension, diabetes, etc., “said Rahul.

On economic stimulus

It is clear that we will not be able to make our economy move again, without a

massive economic stimulus from the government. Most countries in the world.

we have already announced huge stimulus packages to help restart the economy and

alleviate the pain suffered by its citizens. However, in India, the Government has

been dragging its feet by announcing a budget package targeting the vulnerable

groups The longer the government takes to announce this package, the more

The pain will grow and it will be more difficult to restart the economy.

‘Extending income support to the poor’

Extend “Income Support” to at least 13 million poorer households. Transfer Rs.7,500

preferably to each home. Even if Rs.5,000 is transferred to each of the 13 million rupees

households will amount to a total of only Rs.65 billion rupees, which we can and should


‘Guarantee food security for all’

Guarantee food security even for the 11 crore people currently outside PDS. Our go-

The down is full of grains. Be sure to deliver 10 kg of food grains (rice or wheat), 1

kg of pulses and 1 kg of sugar to each individual each month for a period of the next six


“Why are migrant workers still forced to walk back?”

I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the news of canceled trains and migrants

be forced to fall behind in some states. They are not bonded labor and should be

they are allowed to travel home according to their own free will. After bus ads

and trains, why are thousands still forced to walk back to their villages?

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