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Aurangabad train crash: 14 killed as train runs over migrant workers in Aurangabad | Aurangabad News


AURANGABAD: 16 out of 20 migrant workers were killed while sleeping on the train track near Aurangabad on Friday morning when they were hit by a freight train in the village of Satana on the edge of the Karmad police station around 5.30 am However, four of them managed to escape with bruises when they jumped to the side immediately after hearing the screams and shock, as they were asleep while keeping a certain distance from each other.

The scene at the scene of the tragedy was bloody and the Rotis were stained with blood, some broken bills, clothing and the victims and other belongings were scattered. Upon arriving at the scene, the police and the railway administration found it difficult to gather the limbs of the workers who were also scattered, they transferred the remains of the workers to the medical school and the government hospital (GMCH) in Aurangabad for autopsy. Even the four who escaped with bruises and are still in shock have also been transferred to GMCH.

Jalna collector Ravindra Binwade told TOI: “The workers were employed at a Jalna-based steel plant.” The collector told TOI that “58 migrant workers were allowed to travel, these workers who had not applied for a travel pass when they visited the college on Thursday. They were asked to submit an application and their passes were secured.” After walking for almost 40 km, the exhausted workers apparently stopped to rest near Satana, apparently assuming that no trains were coming on these tracks, and also because they could be saved from reptiles and other wild creatures, since the train track is located above ground level. The freight train was moving towards Manmad from Nanded.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed regret over the tragic accident.

When contacted, Jalna Police Superintendent S Chaitanya said: “We have strictly sealed our borders since the Buldhana and Aurangabad districts have been marked as red zones. As a matter of policy, we do not allow any entry or exit without a valid travel pass. ”

To prevent police from zeroing them out on the roads, these migrant workers opted for the train tracks heading to Aurangabad. After walking for almost 40 kms, these exhausted workers decided to rest on the train tracks in Satana and decided to resume their journey on Friday morning. As the place, where they stopped, was visibly deserted and they feared that snakes and other animals would crawl, they all slept on the train tracks, which are considerably at a height from ground level.

The freight train coming from Nanded and heading towards Manmad ran over the workers and killed 14 on the spot. The death of two more people was confirmed at GMCH. Upon learning of the incident, Aurangabad IGP Ravinder Kumar Singal, along with Police Superintendent Mokshada Patil, teams from the Karmad Police Station and teams from the Railway Protection Force rushed to the scene. Quoting the call received by the Aurangabad City Police Control Room, Police Commissioner Chiranjeev Prasad said: “The manager of the Aurangabad Railway Station, Ashok Nikam, informed the police control room that Some migrant workers who slept on the train tracks were hit by a freight train. heading to Manmad from Nanded.

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