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Tamil Nadu Liquor News: Tamil Nadu raises liquor prices | Chennai News


CHENNAI: The Tamil Nadu government raised liquor prices by a maximum of Rs 20 per 180 ml bottle on Wednesday. The walk occurs one day before the reopening of the liquor stores in the state.

This is the second review in the last four months. The current increase is expected to generate revenue of Rs 2.5 billion rupees for the state government in the current fiscal year.

A statement released Wednesday morning said excise rates on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) have been revised by 15%. Consequently, the prices of 180 ml of a premium variety have been increased by Rs 20 and the normal IMFL varieties have been increased by Rs 10 by 180 ml. It means that the tippers need to spend an additional Rs 40 to Rs 80 to buy a full bottle (750 ml).

The closure of the Tasmac liquor stores has left the coffers of the state government bleeding, which has cost a loss of income of Rs 90 million a day. The liquor outlets were closed on March 25 when the blockade to combat Covid-19 came into force.

So far, the state government has lost revenue in the amount of Rs 3.6 billion rupees.

Tasmac stores will reopen at 10 am on Thursday.

DMK and its allies have condemned the decision to reopen the liquor stores. They will organize the protest when the liquor stores are reopened.

A joint statement issued by the parties said: “The government is not even aware of the wrong decisions it made. It has also made the wrong decision to reopen liquor stores. Social distancing and all other measures taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 will turn around when the liquor stores are reopened. ”

BJP leader and former Union Minister Pon Radhakrishnan said on Wednesday that the Tamil Nadu government should reconsider its decision to reopen liquor stores.

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