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Latest news on the coronavirus vaccine: PM Modi reviews India’s progress in vaccine development | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed India’s progress on the developing of a coronavirus vaccine and efforts made in the fields of diagnosis and testing.
In a meeting with a working group on the development of the coronavirus vaccine, the Prime Minister today conducted a detailed review of the current state of India’s efforts in vaccine development, drug discovery, diagnosis and testing, he said the Prime Minister’s Office in a statement.
The PMO said that Indian vaccine companies have become innovators in early-stage vaccine development research.

“Similarly, the Indian academy and startups have also been pioneers in this area. More than 30 Indian vaccines are at different stages of vaccine development, and few go through the testing stages,” said PMO.
The World Health Organization (WHO) had said that countries like India are among the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers in the Southeast Asia region and should play a leading role in overcoming the current Covid-19 pandemic.

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