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Latest news on the coronavirus vaccine: “Of course, we will share it with the world”: Israel’s ambassador to India on the “advance” of Covid-19 | India News


NEW DELHI: Israel’s ambassador to India Ron Malka said on Wednesday that his country is at an advanced stage of a breakthrough in the development of an antibody against the new coronavirus and is awaiting the results of clinical trials.

“The processes are not finalized, we are at an advanced stage. Yes, of course, we will share it with the world,” Malka told ANI.

The ambassador was answering a question about whether clinical trials had started and whether Israel was ready to share the knowledge with others.

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He added that it was “too early to know if it is ready for mass development.”

Malka also said that the coronavirus crisis has brought India and Israel closer to the two countries that share their best practices to combat Covid-19 and facilitate new processes.

On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett announced a “significant advance” by the country’s biological research institute in the development of an antibody against Covid-19 infection.

“I am proud of the staff at the Biological Institute who have made great progress,” said Bennett, adding that “the antibody can neutralize the virus within the bodies of the sick.”

However, Bennett also said that it can only be further developed after obtaining the necessary approvals from regulatory agencies for therapeutic use in patients after sharing the results of human clinical trials.

In addition, according to recent Israeli media reports, the country is set to conduct a blood test for antibodies to the coronavirus among people to find out how widely the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 has spread in its population.

Meanwhile, speaking about the importance of testing and tracing, Israel’s envoy to India said: “Significantly, we have been able to increase the pace of testing. We can test at home, pass without touching. All of this was developed and started during the crisis. ”

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“Furthermore, we have the technology to track, diagnose and quarantine. We need to balance privacy, we are democracy … but we have the technology to help and save people’s lives. It is under the supervision of the judiciary,” said the sent. said.

Responding to privacy concerns during contact tracing, the ambassador said, “If it’s for a limited time, people will give out information because it will save lives. This technology tracks people who are exposed, people understand that data saves lives. , and it is only for a time that this is necessary. ”

He also spoke about various technological and innovative measures that the country is employing to combat the virus: “We have offered 50 topics of cooperation in the field of Covid-19. For example, new incubator companies can work on this. As a main priority to enable the prevention of anyone who wants to cooperate with equipment and devices to fight the virus. Israel has the technology to fight Covid-19 using UV light, 3D printing of masks, anti-virus fabrics for clothing and other necessities. ”

“Israel Aerospace has partnered with Microsoft to make respirators; we have opened a source code and everyone can produce it,” he added.

Ambassador Malka said Israel is cooperating with the world to defeat the coronavirus by sharing data, artificial intelligence and data analysis, which he says is one of his country’s advantages.

Previously, when Covid-19 was still emerging, Israel was one of the first countries to employ total blockade measures.

As more and more people are recovering in the country, it is beginning to relax restrictions on the coronavirus while continuing to “control surveillance of the infection and work towards a cure.”

According to John Hopinks University, Israel has recorded 16,314 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 238 deaths.

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