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Apply for the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme in West Bengal to get Rs 1000; check details here

NEW DELHI: The Government of West Bengal has launched two schemes to assist migrant workers and workers working in the unorganized sector.

The scheme: Sneher Porosh is for migrant workers and ‘Prochesta’ is for workers in the unorganized sector.

In announcing these plans, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said: “At #internationalWorkersDay, my humble greetings to all workers around the world and their families. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent blockade have hit hard on the working class. We have to stand next to our brothers and sisters. To support the working class during the closure, our government in #Bangla announced two new schemes: ‘Sneher Porosh’ for migrant workers and ‘Prochesta’ for workers in the unorganized sector. ”

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Under the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme, the beneficiary will receive Rs 1000 / – as aid from the government of West Bengal. To take advantage of the benefits, the candidate must be a resident of West Bengal and must be below the poverty line. All workers who earn daily wages in the unorganized sector are eligible to take advantage of the benefits under the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme.

To apply for the Prochesta Prokolpo scheme, beneficiaries must download the application on their mobile phones or can obtain the help of the cyber café and complete the online form.

Beneficiaries of the Prochesta Prokolpo program must attach the following supporting documents

1) Copy of Aadhar card

2) Copy of the daily bet job card

3) Copy of the account book / check of the bank account with IFSC code

4) Copy of the BPL card

5) Valid mobile number

6) Proof of residency

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