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Andhra Pradesh government releases Rs 1,962 crore for Polavaram project | Amaravati News

AMARAVATI: By boosting the Polavaram multipurpose project, the Andhra Pradesh government, after a long gap, has released Rs 1.962 crore largely for work related to the main dam and rehabilitation and resettlement of displaced families. The amount has been released even as the state was awaiting disbursement of more than Rs 3 billion from the Center, which agreed to bear the total cost of more than Rs 55.5 billion for the project, said a senior Resource Department official. Hydric.

Declared a national project under the AP Reorganization Act, 2014, Polavaram is a multi-purpose primary terminal reservoir project on the Godavari River for the development of irrigation, hydroelectric power, and potable water facilities to the eastern Godavari districts , Vishakhapatnam, West Godavari and Krishna in the state. Of the total sum published on Thursday, more than Rs 1,252 crore would be used at the main Polavaram dam and related works, the official said. A further Rs 500 million would be spent on rehabilitation and resettlement (R & R) of displaced families of the project, while Rs. Million would be spent on the main channels and distributors in Polavaram right and left.

According to officials, this is the first time such a large amount of money has been released for the project in one go. The last assignment was made more than a year ago, that too for the approval of pending invoices. The state has so far spent Rs 11,800 crore in Polavaram. Of this, the Center has repaid Rs 8,577 crore. Initially, the cost of the project was set at more than Rs 54,000 crore, but then it has been improved to Rs 55,549 crore, including Rs 33,010 crore for rehabilitation and resettlement. As the project implementer, the state government, spends money from its budget and the Center then reimburses it.

The Union government has yet to repay more than Rs 3 billion, already spent by the state on the project, said the official from the Water Resources Department. “Our focus is mainly on R&R and we are going to intensify those works. Simultaneously, the other works of the project will also gain pace,” said the official. The continuous blockade has affected the Polavaram works due to the unavailability of steel and cement.

Supplies have started again after closure restrictions were reduced.

Although the original plan was to complete the project’s landfill works in June, the impact of the blockade could further delay it, the official said.

Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who reviewed the Polavaram works on Wednesday, asked officials to try to complete the landfill works by June.

As the heavy flooding on the Godavari River left many villages in the region flooded for several days last year, the Chief Minister wanted the Department of Water Resources to step up R&D work and relocate families affected by the project to avoid its repetition.

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