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Wine shop open in Lockdown: liquor stores open after 40 days, social distancing rules adopted for a walk | India News


NEW DELHI: Forty days after the national shutdown implemented to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, India allowed liquor stores to open Monday, resulting in chaotic scenes in all cities.

The internal affairs ministry had relaxed closing restrictions last week, allowing liquor stores to open across the country. He had also asked people to strictly follow social distancing guidelines when buying liquor.

However, the commotion broke out outside of many liquor vendors as dozens of people flocked there to buy liquor after more than a month. Officials had painstakingly drawn chalk circles for alcoholic drinkers to stand up, but social distancing efforts were thwarted when people gathered from early morning.

Close liquor sales: urge Delhi RWAs; suggest odd even formula

Almost 150
spirit The stores opened in the national capital in the third phase of closing on Monday. Long queues were seen outside
spirit stores in Lajpat Nagar, Lado Sarai, which caused traffic jams in the area. the
spirit store in Sheikh Sarai Phase 1 had to lower its blind, as the crowd became unmanageable. Residents help people started to gather outside
spirit shops from 8.30 a.m. “Many were without masks, violating social distancing guidelines,” said a Malviya Nagar resident.

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Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) in the city have urged the government to immediately close all liquor sales and review the arrangements. Some even suggested to the Delhi government to first review the situation and open sales in a phased manner to ensure that rules of social distancing were not circumvented.

“The government can adopt an odd formula to control crowds, it can think of home delivery of spirits on West Bengal government lines, it can introduce rationing per person to avoid hoarding or black marketing,” said Rajiv Kakria, RWA member of Greater Kailash 1.

One of those unique suggestions came from the Secretary General of Green Park Extension RWA, who suggested cordoning off RWA to distribute liquor. “Even RWAs can be cordoned off for liquor distribution,” said Puri.

three delhi 635

In Rajasthan, provide mobile phone numbers to buy alcoholic beverages.

Large numbers of people were seen queuing outside liquor stores in different parts of Rajasthan on Monday the 8th onwards, although the scheduled opening hours for the stores was 10 a.m. In some places, people were seen to maintain social distancing, while in other places, social distancing was a jolt with people eagerly jumping in line. Police personnel were deployed to all stores in urban areas to ensure that customers received disinfectants. In addition, the excise department ordered that the mobile numbers of these customers be taken for any future action if necessary.

Goa “no mask, no liquor” policy

Liquor stores opened in Goa on Monday after more than a month. An official said that people observed social distancing rules while queuing outside these stores. “The wine shops in Goa opened on Monday, but people did not rush as such. We have adopted the ‘no mask, no liquor’ policy to ensure that the rules of social distancing are strictly followed,” said the president of the Goa Liquor Merchants Association, Dattaprasad Naik. Goa has about 1,300 wine shops that have been closed since the national closure took effect on March 25.

Maha: Queues outside liquor stores amid the confusion when opening

The tipplers queued outside the liquor stores in Dahisar, Matunga, Santacruz, Malwani, Kandivali and other places from the early hours of Monday, but found the outlets closed. In some areas, the police announced that the liquor stores will not open on Monday and asked people to return to their homes. Similar scenes were witnessed in Pune as well. The liquor store owner said they received a circular from the excise department on Sunday night, asking that the outlets not be opened. However, a day earlier, the Maharashtra government had allowed non-essential goods stores, including liquor, to open Monday thereafter.

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Overcrowding outside liquor stores in Andhra Pradesh

People flocked to various liquor stores in Andhra Pradesh in large numbers, circumventing the patterns of social distancing in various places. Crowds were witnessed in the Porumamilla village of the Kadapa district and on the Nuzividu road in the Hanuman Junction city in the Krishna district. People were seen gathered outside the liquor stores in Ibrahimpatnam Mandal district, but were later dispersed by police. The village of Chandarlapadu Mandal, in Muppalla, where a COVID-19 case was reported, also witnessed a large crowd at the liquor store. The town is now declared an orange zone.

Tipplers multitude of liquor stores in Karnataka; the police resort to caning

Hundreds of liquor stores reopened for energetic businesses, while the waterers waited in line hours before their shutters closed in Bangalore, Karnataka. Feeling troubled on the first day of sale due to a heavy rush, police personnel have been deployed to various liquor stores in Bangalore, Hassan, Mandya, Mysuru and Raichur to avoid adverse incidents and ensure law and order. “Our men had to resort to spanking clients in Anekal, on the southern outskirts of Bangalore, as there was a sudden fever and hell broke loose when the long line was broken,” said a police control room official. .

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Chhattisgarh will begin home delivery of spirits to avoid rushing in stores

Meanwhile, in Chhattisgarh, the state department of special taxes, which has allowed liquor stores to open from 8 a.m. At 7 p.m., he is working to begin home delivery of liquor in some locations to discourage overcrowding in stores, a special tax official said.

After liquor stores open, paan lovers in UP also seek favor

After the opening of independent liquor stores in Uttar Pradesh, it is the “paan” lovers who are now demanding that the paan stores also work so that they can savor their favorite flavor not just for health benefits. The Yogi Adityanath government has already banned the manufacture and sale of “gutkha” and “paan masala” in the state and addicts are now clamoring for paan, which is supposedly a healthier option.

Himachal Pradesh: big rush in stores the first day

Long queues were seen outside the liquor stores in Shimla, on the section between CTO and Scandal Point. People, who wore masks, gathered in large numbers without maintaining the rules of social distance to buy liquor. With only one case of coronavirus active in Himachal Pradesh at present, most areas of the state have been designated as a green zone. In market areas, a large number of stores have been allowed to open, in addition to those for alcoholic beverages, on alternate days to maintain social distance.

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