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Sonia Gandhi Says Congressional State Units Will Pay the Bill for Migrant Workers Returning Home | India News


NEW DELHI: President of Congress Sonia Gandhi said Monday that Congressional committees in several states will pay for the free travel of migrants and workers.
Monday morning’s announcement came in the wake of widespread criticism of the Indian Railways for not allowing free travel for migrants and workers and calling on state governments to pay for it.
Referring to workers and migrants as “ambassadors” for India’s growth who deserve the same courtesy given to government-stranded Indians stranded abroad, the Speaker of Congress said that each Pradesh Congressional Committee It will bear the train travel expenses of all needy workers and migrants. worker. “This will be INC’s humble contribution to the service of our compatriots,” he said in a statement.
Gandhi also questioned the contribution of the Railways to the Prime Minister’s Corona fund and the millions of rupees spent on organizing Namaste Trump in Gujarat. “Our workers are the ambassadors for our nation’s growth. When our government can recognize its responsibility by organizing free air travel for our stranded citizens abroad, when the government can spend almost Rs 100 million on transport and food, etc. For a single public program in Gujarat, when the Ministry of Railways has the generosity to donate Rs 151 crore to the Prime Minister’s Crown fund, then why can’t these essential members of our nation’s fabric be given a fraction of the same courtesy, especially free train travel, at this hour of acute distress? Gandhi said in his statement.
Many states with liquidity problems have already requested the assistance of the Center to send migrant populations home.
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Referring to the current immigration movement as a “tragedy at massive human cost” and the worst since the migration of people after 1947, the President of Congress said: “As the Central Government barely gave a four-hour notice of the closure, workers and migrant workers were denied the opportunity to return home. After the 1947 partition, this is the first time that India has witnessed a tragedy with such enormous human cost that thousands of workers and workers Migrants were forced to walk home several hundred kilometers on foot, without food, without medicine, without money, without transportation, with nothing except the desire to return to their families and loved ones. The only idea of ​​their plight is Enough to break our hearts, as there was also a great deal of support from other Indians for their inspiring resolution. ”
On video: Congress will bear the cost of train travel for migrant workers: Congresswoman Sonia Gandhi

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