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Neetu Kapoor felt that Rishi Kapoor could never have had a love affair and reason will leave you divided | Hindi Movie News

Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor’s love story and their glorious years of marriage were not only beautiful but also inspiring in many ways. The actors, who fell in love with each other on the sets of their movie, got married and had two beautiful children: Ranbir and Riddhima.
A video of Rishi and Neetu from Simi Garewal’s chat show is going viral on the internet, where Neetu is seen saying that Rishi could never impress anyone but her and that reason would leave him divided.

In the video, Neetu called Rishi Kapoor a brat and stated that he cannot be romantic or have a love affair. According to her, even when the girl is like hey, what happens? He will shudder and she will flee.

In another of his interviews, Neetu had opened up about the turbulence in their relationship. She had confessed that although she found a reason to give up Rishi every day, she never abandoned him for all the good qualities he had.

Rishi was diagnosed with leukemia two years ago and has since been in New York receiving treatment. Neetu has been very solid with him the whole time. Even Ranbir and Alia set out to visit him as often as possible and be with him during his treatment.

A large number of Bollywood celebrities visited him during his stay in New York to express solidarity and comfort to the actor. He had recently returned to India after completing his treatment. However, his cancer allegedly declined and he was admitted to a Mumbai hospital where he last breathed on April 30.

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