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Migrant workers train rate: BJP, opposition engaged in war of words | India News


NEW DELHI: The BJP and opposition parties led by Congress faced a war of words on Monday over charging money to migrant workers heading home on special trains run by the Union government.

While Congress accused the government of ignoring the plight of migrant workers by charging them for their trip home, the BJP contested the allegations, saying that the Indian railways and state governments are bearing the cost of the trip.

Thousands of migrant workers are trapped in various parts of the country due to the coronavirus-induced blockade imposed last month. Last week, the central government announced that special trains will be organized to send migrant workers back home.

Here’s a look at who said what about the budding immigration crisis:

Sambit Patra, BJP

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra, in a response to congressional leader Rahul Gandhi, said that no migrant worker will be charged for the trip and that Indian railways and state governments are in charge of the trip.

Rahul Gandhi ji, attached the MHA guidelines that clearly state that ‘Tickets will not be sold at any station’. The railroads have subsidized 85% and the state government will pay 15%. The state government can pay for the tickets (the Madhya Pradesh government is paying BJP). Request state governments in Congress to do the same, “he tweeted.

Sonia Gandhi, Congress

There needs to be provisions for the free and safe rail transport of migrant workers to their home cities. However, despite our repeated demands, the central government and the Ministry of Railways have chosen to completely ignore the same thing.

The Indian National Congress, therefore, has made the decision that each Pradesh Congressional Committee will bear the cost of the train journey for each needy worker and migrant worker and will take the necessary measures in this regard.

Subramanian Swamy, BJP

I spoke to Piyush Goel’s office. The government will pay 85% and the state governments 15%. Migrant labor will be free. The ministry will clarify with an official statement.

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Rahul Gandhi, Congress
On the one hand, the Railways are charging a ticket fee for migrant workers stranded in various states of the country, on the other hand, the Ministry of Railways is donating Rs 151 crore in the PM-CARES Fund. Solve this puzzle!

Mamata Banerjee, TMC

As part of our promise to bring back Bengali citizens stranded in other states, two special trains from Ajmer and Kerala would depart tomorrow for West Bengal with more than 2,500 migrant workers, pilgrims, students and patients. All those who come to be examined according to the protocols.

Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena

These people have no source of income for the past few weeks. Therefore, for humanitarian reasons, the Center should not charge them for travel.

HD Kumaraswamy, JD (S)

The task was to send the workers to their places. However, your health should not be in danger. This decision made for their benefit should not be a parody to them. There will also be physical interference on the buses and appropriate testing must be performed.

The lock, which was implemented without any prerequisites, is now loosened without notice. The state government, which has allowed migrant workers to move to the city, has mobilized large numbers of people. With this, the government is playing with your health.

Omar Abdullah, National Conference

If you are trapped abroad during this COVID crisis, this government will take you back for free, but if you are a migrant worker stranded in another state, be prepared to pay the cost of the trip (with the cost of social distancing added). Where did ‘PM Cares’ go? Like I said before, you better stay stranded abroad and fly home!

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Sitaram Yechury, CPM

It is very unfair that all responsibility has been transferred to state governments. This problem was not caused by the states. In Parliament, the government said it bore the full cost of repatriating Indians trapped abroad. In the same way, the migrants should have been returned. Anyway, billions have been directed to PM-CARES.

Ahkilesh Yadav, Feast of Samajwadi

“The news that the BJP government takes money from the poor and defenseless workers returning home by train is very embarrassing. It has become clear that the BJP, which forgives billions of capitalists, is with the wealthy and against the Poor Exploiting During a Disaster is the job of the lenders, not the government.

DK Shivakumar, Congress

Give KRRTC to KSRTC by Krecc to guarantee free transportation to our working class and workers who are suffering from getting home due to the fees charged by the Karnataka government. The government must inform us if they need more, the KPCC will also comply.

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