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Irrfan Khan’s son Ayaan shares RARE photos remembering his father


Irrfan Khan’s son Ayaan recently visited Instagram to share some rare photos of his father. The first black and white memory captured the father-son duo enjoying a bike ride while Ayaan was a boy. And a second flashback photo saw Irrfan and Ayaan walking down a street, which appears to be a more recent one. Remembering her father, Ayaan had subtitled the post: “The meat in which we roam this land is a blessing, not a promise.”

Irrfan Khan’s eldest son Babil had also posted an invisible video of his father savoring pani-puri. Babil had captioned the clip: “When you are on a diet for so long and then the session ends and you can have pani puri.” Babil’s post was flooded with emotional comments from grieving fans, expressing his strength to the late actor’s family.

Irrfan Khan passed away Wednesday after a two-year battle with neuroendocrine cancer. In a note of thanks, the actor’s wife, Sutapa, had expressed that it was not a loss, but a gain from the things he taught them. She shared, “How can I write this as a family statement when everyone takes it as a personal loss? How can I begin to feel lonely when millions are grieving with us right now? I want to assure everyone that this is not a loss, it is a gain. It is a gain from the things it taught us, and now we will finally begin to really implement it and evolve. However, I want to try to complete the things that people no longer know. Oddly, our lives were a master class in acting, so by the time the dramatic entrance of the “uninvited guests” happened, I had already learned to see a harmony in the cacophony. The doctor’s reports were like scripts he wanted to perfect, so I never miss a single thing he looked for in his performance. ”

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