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Punjab blames Maharashtra for positive Covid pilgrims, Covid says “it is not our fault” | India News

CHANDIGARH / MUMBAI / AURANGABAD: The complexities involved in evacuating thousands of migrants across state borders are beginning to sink.
Maharashtra sealed off areas around the Nankh Takht Hazoor Sahib on Friday after Punjab saw a huge increase in cases with 215 pilgrims, who had visited the shrine, testing positive for their return. The gurdwaras in the complex remain open. A Maharashtra official said: “We are examining the residents around the gurdwara. We hope that the results will be available on Saturday, ”he said.

However, the Punjab government is not happy because the returning pilgrims were not screened in Maharashtra and were only screened prior to their journey. Punjab Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu on Thursday sent a letter to Maharashtra expressing his discontent over this charge.

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Sidhu, in the letter, protested that the Maharashtra health authority had failed to test Punjab residents who had been trapped there for about 40 days.
“If they had informed us about this, we would have taken our medical team there to conduct their tests before bringing them back,” Sidhu said. The Punjab government is testing every person, regardless of which state they belong to, he said.
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Maharashtra has responded to the accusation saying: “Each and every pilgrim was medically examined before boarding, they were all asymptomatic. However, when they arrived in Punjab, many tested positive. It appears that they contracted the infection on the way to Punjab, as their vehicles passed through some of the hot spots in Madhya Pradesh, particularly Indore and Khargone, “said the official. Some 4,000 Punjab pilgrims were stranded in Nanded due to the closure and were accommodated in Sachkhand Saheb and Langar Saheb Gurdwaras.

The Maharashtra official said almost 300 pilgrims had also clandestinely gone to Punjab on private buses from Nanded.

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