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No cuts for pensioners in May, employees will receive 50% of salary | Amaravati News

AMARAVATI: In great relief to pensioners, the state government has decided to pay full pension to all retired employees in May. Even as deferred payment of wages to regular employees continues, the government has exempted pensioners from the category in view of their difficulties. The government paid only 50 percent of the pension amount to retired employees in April, citing strained financial conditions.
The state government also decided to pay full salaries to doctors, nurses, paramedical personnel in the departments of medicine and health, police personnel and sanitation workers in municipal bodies and panchayats in the village. However, all other regular employees will get only 50 percent of their wages for another month.
Although Prime Minister Jagan assured union leaders of employees that the deferred payment system would be followed for only one month, the government decided to continue it for another month as there were no major changes in treasury revenue.
In a GO issued on Sunday, Chief Secretary Nilam Sawhney said the decision to continue deferred payment of wages and salaries to regular employees had been made as there had been no major change in the health emergency situation since the last month.
“Since the circumstances prevailing since the issuance of the orders in the past have not materially changed, the government orders that the deferred payment of wages / salaries / wages / fees, according to the pattern prescribed in the previous GOs, continue during the month of April 2020 payable in May 2020, “said the chief secretary. Hired and subcontracted employees will get 90 percent of their wages.
All Indian Service officials (IAS, IPS and IFS) will continue to receive a 40 percent salary with a 60 percent deferment. Interestingly, there will be a 100 percent postponement of fees and salaries for all elected public representatives and nominated presidents for boards and corporations.
As a result, the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, MLCs and Presidents of all corporations, government advisers will not receive the fee and benefits in May.

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