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Leaked UCI video of Rishi Kapoor infuriates Bollywood!


A leaked video of the late actor Rishi Kapoor, as he struggled for life in his final hours in the ICU, angered many Bollywood celebrities.

In the video that has been circulating on social media, the intensive care unit staff can be seen sneaking while the veteran actor struggles.

In reaction to the forwarded video, several celebrities such as Arjun Kapoor, Karan Wahi and Mini Mathur called the hospital for staff negligence.

Not to mention the leaked video in particular, Arjun wrote: “The option not to post something is sometimes as important as being the first to post something. Pictures have a lot of power so we don’t forget.

“Sometimes humanity and empathy must take precedence over being the first to embrace the use of the crafty voyeuristic material presented to you.”

Rishi Kapoor Latest hospital video

Actor Karan Wahi admitted that he also saw the video and decided to delete it immediately, instead of sharing it among others, as he found it disturbing.

Karan said: “There is a striker that a ward boy or someone from the hospital shot Rishi Kapoor in his hospital just before his death. I saw it. And I think it is a serious violation of his privacy. If you receive it, delete it in instead of forwarding it more. ”

He added: “Actors are also human beings. Please don’t forward or post them just to be the first. Have a little respect.”

Actress and presenter Mini Mathur urged people to “stop the numbness.”

He tweeted, “I just found a disgusting and completely invasive video of Mister Rishi on WhatsApp at the hospital titled ‘RK’s latest video’ obviously shot by a hospital staff member. I know humanity is at sea right now, but CAN WE STOP IT? THIS INSENSITIVITY AND NOT BE PART OF THIS? ”

Mini also tagged the Mumbai police to take strict action against the criminal.

“If you watch a video like this in any group, can you insist that it be removed? Can we stop this indirect glasses celebration even when they are indisposed and inadvertently? It should be a legal offense @MumbaiPolice and meet the strictest action “Mini added.

Rishi Kapoor last breathed at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai on Thursday. I have been fighting cancer since 2018.

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