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It’s propaganda: India in social media posts alleging harassment of Muslims | India News

NEW DELHI: India said on Thursday as “propaganda” its criticism by certain Twitter users from the Arab world alleging that Muslims are under attack in various parts of the country in the name of the spread of the coronavirus.

Strongly refuting the charges, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said that the Gulf countries are deeply committed to friendly relations with India and do not support any interference in their internal affairs.

Speaking of India’s close and traditional ties to the region, he said New Delhi is ensuring the uninterrupted supply of food and essential staples during Ramzan as part of his deep-rooted friendship.

He said several Gulf countries are even seeking discussions with India about the post-Covid-19 economic recovery.

“Much of what you see is propaganda from stakeholders. Lost tweets cannot be used to characterize our bilateral ties to these countries. The real picture of these relationships is very different,” he said during an online news conference. .

There has been a wave of angry reactions on Twitter by leading citizens and human rights activists from various Arab countries following allegations that Muslims are being blamed for spreading COVID-19 in various parts of India.

The Islamic Cooperation Organization, a powerful bloc of 57 countries, recently accused India of “Islamophobia”. India dismissed the charges as regrettable.

“We have been making special efforts to ensure the uninterrupted supply of essential food and basic goods required during the Ramzan period in these countries, and this is something that has been greatly appreciated. These countries also want a priority discussion with India on the post Covid -19 economic recovery, “said Srivastava.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Minister for External Affairs S Jaishankar have been in regular contact with their counterparts in the region in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In these discussions, there have been requests to send drugs and medical equipment to these countries. We have already deployed a rapid response team in Kuwait. There is also a request to send doctors and nurses from India,” said Srivastava.

“What is clearly seen is that these countries are deeply committed to friendly relations with India. Nor do they support any interference in internal affairs of India. Therefore, it is important that the friendly and cooperative nature of our relations is recognized with Accuracy and Misuse of social media is not credited, “he added.

When asked about reports of an order issued by the Omani Ministry of Finance calling on all state companies to replace foreign workers with qualified local Omanis, Srivastava said that it is not directed at Indians working in the nation of Gulf.

“The policy is decades old and is not specific to India. It is not directed at Indians in any way,” he said.

There have been fears that the order will leave thousands of Indians working in state-owned companies in Oman without work.

“They greatly value the relationship with India. The Government of Oman is taking particular care of the Indians, which included free tests for coronaviruses, their treatment and food supply,” said the MEA spokesman.

The Omani government is also extending certain categories of Indian visas.

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