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India Lockdown 3.0 News: What is allowed and what is not in all three zones | India News


NEW DELHI: The government announced on Friday the second extension of the coronavirus-induced blockade for an additional two weeks until May 17. Under the new guidelines, various relaxations have been allowed in the non-containment zones.

Here is a look at the various activities that are allowed and not allowed in the three different zones: red, orange, and green.


Auto / Taxi: Taxis and taxi aggregators with a driver and a passenger will be allowed in the orange and green areas. Services will remain prohibited in red zones.

Liquor Stores / Bakeries: The sale of liquor, paan, tobacco has been allowed in all three areas after guaranteeing a minimum social distance of six feet with no more than 5 people at a time in the store. However, the consumption of these items will not be allowed in public places.

Four wheels / Two wheels: Four-wheel vehicles will have a maximum of two passengers in addition to the driver in the three zones. Riding in the two-wheeled vehicle is allowed only in the orange and green areas.

Bus services: Buses can operate with up to 50 percent seating capacity, and bus depots can operate with up to 50 percent capacity in the green zone.

Offices: In the red zones, private offices can operate with up to 33% force as required, while the rest of the people work from home. All government offices may operate with senior officers at the undersecretary and senior level in full force, and up to a third of the remaining staff.

Domestic help / Other workers: Domestic help (maids) and other local workers may work during the day in all three zones, although states are expected to further clarify the rules on the matter.

Note: The aforementioned guidelines have been announced by the central government. However, its implementation may vary according to the interpretation of state governments.

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