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Those who annoy Alia Bhatt for holding her phone at Rishi Kapoor’s cremation need to be better informed.

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor passed away Thursday after a two-year battle with leukemia. The final ceremony for the actor’s rites was held later that night, with his wife Neetu Kapoor and son Ranbir Kapoor standing on either side. Along with them to bid farewell to Rishi, their final farewells were Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, brothers Randhir Kapoor, and Rima Jain.

He was also there with the family, Ranbir’s girlfriend Alia Bhatt, who did her part not only by being next to Neetu and comforting her during the last rituals, but also with Ranbir’s sister Riddhima in Delhi, so that she too could be part of the group. ceremony.

However, even in such a sensitive moment, uninformed and callous social media users criticized Alia for using her phone at a funeral.

These are some of the attacks that Alia has been receiving on social networks.

Troll Attack 1: Why is Alia Bhatt using the phone? Ye bhi koi time hota h kya record karne ka ??

Alia Bhatt at Rishi Kapoor cremation

In fact, Alia was not filming a video, but was instead on a video call with Rishi Kapoor’s grieving daughter, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni. Due to the confinement, Riddhima was unable to be physically present at her father’s last rites, therefore, he was quite thoughtful and kind on the part of Alia not only to ensure that Riddhima saw the proceedings, but also replaced and consoled her. distressed Neetu who was seen crying through the rituals.

Troll Attack 2: Alia is a bloody nautanki drama. Shame, shame.

Alia Bhatt at Rishi Kapoor cremation

The only person to be ashamed of is YOU! So what if she got excited at a funeral? Not all? We are going to be light on you because you don’t know about the bond that Alia has shared with Rishi in the last two years. In his heartwarming tribute, he not only shared his best memories of his time with Rishi, but also regarded him as a “friend” and “a father.”

We hope and pray that when you decide to get out of that rock you have been living on, you will see the light and embrace some good values ​​and a little empathy.

Troll Attack 3: Alia please put your iPhone x inside you in a sad ceremony

Alia Bhatt at Rishi Kapoor cremation

What’s more heartbreaking is the fact that uninformed, callous and inhuman trolls like jumping to attack a person, even in their moments of pain. If she had known the purpose behind her holding her phone, we would like to assume that she would have had something better and more comforting to say. And now, who you presumably know better, we advise you to spend your time more constructively on social media rather than discourage people.

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