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This is how Alia Bhatt became Ranbir Kapoor’s mainstay of strength in the last few weeks before Rishi Kapoor passed away.


Rishi Kapoor is gone. For the Kapoor family, this is a great blow and an irreplaceable loss. The actor died at 8:45 a.m.Thursday in a suburban hospital. The void it has left in the industry will never be filled, but the biggest loss is, of course, for the immediate family. Ranbir and Rishi had become extremely close since news of the latter’s illness was made public. While Ranbir became Neetu’s force, the only person who supported him was his girlfriend Alia Bhatt.

Alia has not only been Ranbir’s best friend, but also spoke to him and gave him a shoulder to cry on. In recent years they became lovers because they were friends and with Rishi’s health scare they became even closer. A source close to the couple says: “Ranbir is an inmate. He is not very expressive unless he is with his mother or someone very close to him. With Alia he could be himself. And she also offered him all the support to deal with her father’s illness as any girlfriend would. ”

Rishi was also very fond of Alia and liked the day he met her with Ranbir. The source adds: “Alia had her blessings and that meant the world to Ranbir. Alia’s warmth, energy, and enthusiasm encouraged Rishi. He stayed by Ranbir’s side for the past three weeks, without leaving him for a minute. ”

Alia and Ranbir had Rishi’s blessings to get married and the date would be sometime in 2020. Now, with her premature disappearance, that could be put on hold.

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