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They are Vivaan Shah about Naseeruddin Shah’s hospitalization deception: all rumors about his health are false. Praying for Irrfan Bhai and Chintu Ji | Hindi Movie News


On Thursday night, a section of the media began spreading the news that veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah has been hospitalized. Soon, fans of the actor took over social media expressing concern for his health. However, the son of ‘The Wednesday’ actor Vivaan Shah took his Twitter and dismissed all the rumors.

Naseeruddin even went to his Facebook account to thank his fans and wrote: “I thank everyone who asks about my health and I assure them that I am fine. I am at home and I am observing the closure. Please do not create rumors” .

Check out his post:


In addition, his family has confirmed to IANS that Shah is well and healthy, and that he is at his residence in the city. “He is absolutely fine, and he is observing the confinement with my aunt Ratna in Mumbai, it is false news,” confirmed Saira Shah Halim, the actor’s niece.

According to Saira, her father, Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah, had spoken to the veteran actor recently and was assured that Naseeruddin Shah is healthy.

Meanwhile, three-time award-winning national actor Naseeruddin Shah is using a substantial part of his lockdown hours to catch up on the works of William Shakespeare.

Shah has two children, Vivaan and Imaad, both actors. It was last seen in the 2017 film, ‘The Hungry’ directed by Bornali Chatterjee, it was a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’.

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