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The coronavirus cannot be eliminated, we have to live with it: Andhra Pradesh CM AND S Jagan Mohan Reddy | Amaravati News


AMARAVATI: The coronavirus could not be removed and “we have to live with it” taking adequate precautions to prevent infection, Andhra Pradesh Prime Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said Monday.
In a televised speech to people in the state, he said a vaccine for the virus could be developed only after a year or so and until then developing “collective immunity” was the only option to control the spread of the disease.
He appealed to people to follow the rules of physical distancing, since it was the only way to prevent contagion, which so far has affected 1,177 people in the state and has claimed 31 lives.
Jagan Reddy said the infection rate in the state was only 1.6 percent compared to the national average of 4 percent.
“By the grace of God we should be proud of it,” said Jagan.
“Corona does not need to be seen as untouchable or people do not need to feel that everything is ruined with it. It is like a common fever,” he added.
Special care should be taken with older people and people with comorbidities.
He praised and thanked all the health workers, village volunteers, the police, the sanitation and income staff for their exemplary services in fighting the crisis.

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