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India Lockdown News: Stuck in India, a Rs 6.7 rupees plan to fly back to work, family in the US USA | India News


HYDERABAD: A large number of Indians working in the United States, who are trapped in India due to the blockade, are crafting a plan, which will cost a small fortune, only to return to the United States to save their jobs. They have started pooling their resources to raise $ 900,000 (approximately Rs 6.75 crore) so they can rent a flight to return to the United States.

“When I received the initial $ 900,000 quote (from a company in California), I thought a flight would be difficult to fill, but as soon as word got out on social media, there was a tremendous response with many people saying they would pay, “said a Hyderabad H-1B visa holder who is making the arrangements.

After traveling with his two-year-old son, who is a U.S. citizen, and his wife to the country, the H-1B owner who does not wish to be identified said he was waiting to return because, among other things, his travel insurance could not spread out and they would like to be home where they are covered during this time.

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He is among the hundreds of H1B holders who are trapped across the country and did not make it to the flights organized by the US government. USA Because they are not US citizens or they did not put it at the top of the repatriation list.

His correspondence with the company suggests that the stadium price for an Airbus A330 with 283 seats (including business seats), but 100 passengers, was $ 900,000 to $ 950,000 and for Boeing 767 with 278 seats (economy only) with the same number of passengers would be $ 850,000 to $ 900,000.

Fearful of losing their jobs, people willing to go to the United States at any cost.

Other potential travelers were also contacting private charter companies, with some saying they were getting better deals. The option of charter flights is only in preliminary stages without permits yet.

Several people contacted by TOI were willing to travel to the United States at any cost.

Swaran P, who is currently in Siddipet, said the fear of losing jobs is affecting many like him.

“The world economy is in ruins. We are hearing of layoffs. So far I have been working from India, but there are restrictions on how long someone can work from outside the country, “said the technician.

The Raleigh, North Carolina resident added that most of the people trapped in the country were upper-middle-level employees, who, if they lose their jobs, will only “worsen competition for Indians here.”

Vinod (name changed), currently in Chennai, said: “I arrived here in early March and have lost my job since then. My dependent wife is currently in New Jersey. I need to apply for a new job if I want to maintain the status of my visa. It is as if my dreams crashed before my eyes. ”

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