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Tamil Nadu Lockdown News: Tamil Nadu for staggered lockout exit after May 3 | Chennai News


CHENNAI: On a day when some of your counterparts asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the national blockade, Tamil Nadu Prime Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami did not compromise. There was no mention of extension or otherwise in the letter he sent to Modi shortly after the conference. He simply searched for funds and PCR kits for more aggressive tests in his state. On Monday, Tamil Nadu registered 52 new cases, bringing its Covid-19 count to 1,937.

In the last videoconference on April 11, the CM had requested a two-week extension of the blockade, an opinion expressed by many other states. On Monday, he chaired a meeting with a core inter-ministerial team after Covid’s situation in Chennai was described as “serious.” TN officials informed the team of the anti-Covid measures.

The state government is more focused on post-closure measures rather than whether it should end or be extended. “The state will not lift the blockade entirely even if the Center did so after May 3. If they lift it, we will decide whether it will be partial or phased,” said a senior official.

Policymakers say the objective of the blockade is to help prepare the population for social estrangement and give government agencies enough time to prepare for departure. Stronger measures will have to be implemented in the next phase in terms of surveillance, location of contacts and quarantine. They say that new social norms, such as social distancing, must be in force for six months.

With more patients leaving hospitals, the state is weighing the option of a staggered discharge on May 3. The representatives of the industrial organisms that maintain conversations with the government are about to pass to the next stage. “Even if the blockade ends, it does not mean that the fight against Covid is over. People have to live an almost normal life. How long can you imprison them at home? asked a member of the government’s expert committee, seeking anonymity. “So normal activities must be carried out step by step for the economy to move forward,” said the member. For certain activities, such as shopping malls, multiplexes and large public events, where the possibility of spread is high, the return to normal would be delayed.

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