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Latest news on coronavirus: Hospitals cannot insist on testing for coronavirus before treatment, says government | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid concerns about many private hospitals across India, whether rejecting critically ill patients or shutting down, the Center asked states on Tuesday to ensure that hospitals continue to operate and also did not insist on Covid testing -19 for each patient who needs medical attention.

In a letter to the state’s top secretaries, the Union’s health secretary, Preeti Sudan, said the Center had received reports that many private hospitals were hesitant to provide critical services such as dialysis, blood transfusion, chemotherapy and institutional deliveries. Even his regular patients, either because of fear of staff hired Covid-19 or because they weren’t working.

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“For patients who need these critical services, it must be ensured that all health facilities, especially those in the private sector, continue to operate … so that such patients do not face any difficulties,” said Sudan.

Of hospitals that insist on Covid-19 testing before providing services, he said: “Health care providers may be recommended to take the necessary precautions for personal protection.”

Sudan’s letter referred to guidelines issued to states on April 20 that said there should be no disruption to essential services such as child and reproductive health, immunization, cancer treatment and kidney disease.

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