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Mukesh Khanna wants to know who saw the refrigerator in Mahabharat


Actor Mukesh Khanna seems to be in the news now almost every day since the iconic Mahabharat show aired again, in which he plays Bhishma Pitamah. The actor made headlines for his valiant remarks about Ekta Kapoor and his version of Mahabharat and later for mocking actress Sonakshi Sinha. This time, the actor was on Twitter Thursday when a user tweeted a photo of him sitting in front of what appeared to be an air cooler in an epic on-air scene these days. Twiterrati had a field day making memes and posting funny comments about spotting a 21st century desert cooler in the Dwapar Yug when the real Mahabharat is supposed to have taken place.
Although later, some users also pointed out that it may actually be the design of a pillar in the erected set, which appeared to be the grill of a desert refrigerator.

However, commenting on the entire matter, Mukesh Khanna, who is happy that two of his shows, Mahabharata and Shaktiman are broadcast again, says he wants to know who posted the photo of him sitting in front of the fridge. “I had heard about a photo of me from Mahabharat sets that went viral where they show me sitting in front of a refrigerator for the past few days. I want to know if you imagine aayi kahan se and, secondly, eh kisne spot kiya? Speaking to us by phone from Mumbai, he adds: “I doubt this photo is from an image from the show. And if so, it is a big mistake. But from what I can tell after watching it it looks like it clicks between shots. I don’t think such a blatant mistake would have happened on BR Chopra’s side. He was too careful about creating and editing Mahabharat. ”

Mukesh Khanna as Bhishm Pitamah in Mahabharat (BCCL)

Mukesh Khanna as Bhishm Pitamah in Mahabharat (BCCL)

But the actor agrees that he used to use a refrigerator while on set. “We were filming in Film City, which had air conditioning. However, since I had such heavy costumes and, to top it all off, a long beard that I had to wear most of the day, I used to feel extremely hot. Especially for the beard. So, I asked BR Chopra ji to allow me to use an air cooler. The beard was such that after the shooting I used to sweat a lot and it irritated me. In fact, I was done with this beard and the look I later turned down almost 15 movies because my character was supposed to have a beard. To get out of that area and that character, I did Shaktiman that showed me in a completely different avatar, “says Khanna.

But feeling nostalgic for the show, Mukesh also shared that he still has the “baano ki shaiyya” as a memento of the show for himself. “The shaiyya or bed of arrows that I am shown lying on the warfield is still with me kept in a showcase in my office. When the program started, I asked Chopra ji to give it to me, as it would have been of no use to him, which he agrees with. It is my most valuable possession to date and I have exhibited it in my office. ”

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