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Chinese Test Kits: India Cancels Order, Says Due Process Was Followed | India News


NEW DELHI: The Health Ministry said Monday that India is canceling the order for rapid body test kits from China due to performance problems, adding that the government cannot lose a single rupee as due process was followed during the acquisition.

The health ministry statement came after the country’s top health research agency, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), called on states to stop using the Covid antibody rapid test kits – 19 purchased from two Chinese companies and returned to be shipped to suppliers. .

The ministry also released an information sheet on the process of acquiring test kits from the Chinese companies, Biomedemics and Wondfo, which have been suspended for now.

He said the ICMR identified the two companies with sensitivity and specificity in mind.

“ICMR is doing everything possible to increase the tests. This requires the acquisition of kits and their supply to the states. This acquisition takes place when there is a great world demand for these test kits and several countries are applying their full power , monetary and diplomatic, to acquire them.

“ICMR’s first attempt to purchase these kits did not elicit any response from vendors. Its second attempt elicited adequate responses. From these responses, taking into account sensitivity and specificity, kits from two companies (Biomedemics and Wondfo) were identified to their acquisition. Both had the required international certifications, “the ministry said.

The government added: “For Wondfo, the evaluation committee received 4 offers and the corresponding quotations received were Rs 1,204, Rs 1,200, Rs 844 and Rs 600. Consequently, an offer of Rs 600 was considered as L-1. Meanwhile ICMR also tried to acquire the kits directly from the Wondfo company in China through CGI. ”

However, the ministry said the quote received from the direct acquisition had few problems, including the quote was FOB (Free on Board) with no commitment on logistics issues and was based on 100% direct advance without any guarantee.

“There was no commitment on timeframe. Rates were reported in US dollars with no clause to account for price fluctuations. Therefore, it was decided to seek the exclusive Wondfo distributor for India for the kit which quoted an all-inclusive price for FOB (logistics) without any advance clause.

“It should also be remembered that this was the first effort by any Indian agency to purchase such kits and that the rate quoted by the bidders was the only benchmark,” the ministry said.

The ministry said that after receiving some supplies, the ICMR again carried out quality controls on these kits in field conditions and, based on the scientific evaluation of their performance, the order in question (Wondfo) was found together with the order with compared to another brand having poor performance and having been canceled.

He added that India will not lose a single rupee as it followed all the procedures.

“It needs to be emphasized that ICMR has not made any payments regarding these supplies. Due to the due process followed (the acquisition is not made with an advance amount of 100%), the government of India cannot lose a single rupee” . “he clarified.

More than half a million coronavirus antibody test kits were ordered from China this month as a way to increase detection in India. But the Indian Council for Medical Research said several states had complained about the quality of the equipment from two companies and that they should be sent back to China.

Congressman Rahul Gandhi has alleged that some people were engaged in speculation while supplying rapid test kits for COVID-19 to the government.

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