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RSS should now heed your own boss’s advice – editorials


On Sunday, the head of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Mohan Bhagwat, in a video, said that the transgressions of a few should not lead to attacking an entire community. This suggests that he had in mind the Tablighi Jamaat controversy, in which the deplorable actions of some followers of the sect contributed greatly to the spread of the disease in India. The organizers of the mass meeting were legitimately criticized.

But it was beyond that when the incident was used to somehow blame the entire Muslim community for the spread of the disease in India. On social media, the trolls carried out a relentless campaign against Muslims, even suggesting that it was some form of jihad. There have been physical assaults in places; Muslim vendors were isolated and driven out of business; Muslim volunteers have been attacked and prevented from carrying out relief work; and there have been reports of faith-based segregation, including on hospital admissions.

Bhagwat enjoys great authority not only in RSS, but also in a wide range of Hindu organizations. Many of those who have been behind this persecution of Muslims claim loyalty to these groups and are inspired by them. This is what makes your intervention important. Now you must ensure that your advice is applied in letter and spirit on the ground by your cadres. They must not spread falsehoods and encourage violence against any community. Muslims and other minorities are an integral part of the socioeconomic fabric, and the post-Covid recovery process requires the nation to unite as one. Sir

Bhagwat, through his comments, seems to suggest this and his organization will be providing a signaling service to the country if it is seen to be implementing its advice.

Hindustan Times