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Covid-19: Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh call for “aggressive” evidence | India News

NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi on Sunday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to eliminate “bottlenecks” and increase coronavirus testing in the country.

Citing experts, Gandhi said “randomized testing is the key to beating the virus.” India has to expand the COVID-19 tests from the current tests of 40,000 to one lakh per day, he said.

“Experts agree that mass random testing is the key to beating Corona. In India, a bottleneck prevents us from escalating testing from the current 40,000 per day to 1 lakh of tests per day, for which kits Trials are already in stock.

“The prime minister needs to act fast and clear the bottleneck,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

Expressing a similar opinion, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that without aggressive testing facilities, India cannot overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Testing and tracing are the key to fighting the threat, he said in a video released by Congress.

“There are problems regarding insufficient testing facilities and without more aggressive testing facilities, we are not going to conquer this threat,” said Manmohan Singh.

Previously, Congress had shared the thoughts of several leaders in the video to resolve the current crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic and the blockade. The leaders are members of an advisory group led by Singh and formulate the party’s views on various issues.

They also emphasized the theme of humanism, protection and financial security to drive the approach to deal with migrant workers.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had said that the party should have a comprehensive framework for the protection of migrants.

“We must insist that migrants are protected. But we must also recognize that state governments will actually be responsible for handling this. Different state governments may choose different methodologies to solve this problem,” he said.

Gandhi said: “Our migrant strategy must include protection. The idea that you can tell the migrant that it is your problem, that has to be central. The migrant movement should depend on the two states and they should have a conversation.”

“Testing and tracing are the key to combating COVID19. Humanism, protection and financial security must drive our approach to dealing with migrant workers. This is the only way to move forward,” Congress said in sharing the video.

Congress has been urging the government to increase random testing in the country.

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