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Covid-19: Indian cases cross 26,000 with another major peak in Maharashtra | India News


NEW DELHI: India crossed the bleak milestone of 25,000 Covid-19 cases, ending the day above 26,000, as Maharashtra recorded another record increase in patients. On Saturday, 811 new cases were added to the state’s account, 602 of them in Mumbai alone.
Maharashtra accounted for almost half of Saturday’s national Covid-19 count, which at 1,715 was the second highest recorded in a single day so far, 30 less than 1,755 reported on Thursday. The total number of Covid-19 cases in India stood at 26,270, according to the latest figures compiled by state governments, ranking it 16th among the countries with the highest coronavirus counts.
India also crossed the 800 mark in coronavirus deaths, with 43 reported on Saturday, bringing the total number to 821. Maharashtra also led the death figures. A maximum of 22 recent deaths (13 of these from Mumbai) were recorded, followed by six deaths each in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, three in Rajasthan and two in Andhra Pradesh. Delhi recorded one death, along with Tamil Nadu, UP and J&K.
Gujarat, where 256 new infections were reported, became the second Indian state to cross 3,000 cases. Ahmedabad, which represents 65% of all cases in the state, also crossed the 2,000 mark in number of cases. Gujarat’s death toll is now 133, the second highest after Maharashtra.
Delhi recorded 111 new Covid-19 cases, a slight decrease from 138 cases on Friday, bringing its count to 2,514. With one more death, the number of victims in Delhi increased to 53. At least 38 patients with Covid-19 in the capital in the ICU or with ventilation assistance, the sources said.
Uttar Pradesh recorded the third highest number of new cases on Saturday with 122, which included 13 police officers. With this, the UP count has touched 1,796 and has confirmed 15 deaths.
With 602 more cases during the day, Mumbai further strengthened its position as the coronavirus capital of India. So far, the Maximum City has registered 5,049 cases, almost double the number one in Delhi (2,625). Maharashtra’s Covid account crossed the mark from 7,000 to 7,628 cases, almost equal to the combined account of the next three states: Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan.
Covid-19 cases in Bengal are also on the rise. The state, which has been embroiled in controversy over the visit of a core team to monitor the Covid-19 situation, recorded 57 new cases bringing its count to 571. Fifteen people have died from the disease in the state, according to official figures. .
Madhya Pradesh, which had witnessed an explosion of cases last week, showed another dramatic drop in cases, with only 31 new ones on Saturday.
Telangana’s Covid-19 chart also suffered a sharp drop on Saturday, in a marked turnaround from last week’s fury. Only seven new positive cases were reported. With this, the total number of cases in the state reached 990, slowly moving towards the 1,000 mark. The death count was kept at 25.
Andhra Pradesh recorded its first cases of Covid-19 on March 12. On Saturday, 40 days after the first case was reported, the state’s Covid-19 count violated the 1,000 mark with 61 new positive cases. Two more deaths were also reported, bringing the number of Covid-19 victims to 31.
Bihar reported 28 new cases, bringing the total number to 251 in the state, of which 45 people have recovered and two have so far died. The number of Covid-19 positive people increased to 99 in Odisha and five more people tested positive for the virus.

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