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Not only social distancing, but ‘Smart Distancing ‘™ is the need of the hour


The beginning of a new decade brought the COVID-19 pandemic that has put humanity around the world in the most uncertain times in history. Given the extremely contagious nature of the new coronavirus that has already consumed lives in tens of thousands, both developed and developing countries, governments, civil society, and the media are aggressively spreading personal hygiene and alienation. social to fight an enemy that nobody can see with the naked eye.

The invisible enemy infects people through physical contact with any object that has been used by a person infected with COVID-19. Invariably, the objects that cause the transmission of the infection could be tirelessly domestic and office utilities, the most common being water taps, soap dispensers, switches and electric boards, bells, etc.

As the pandemic progressed ugly in geographies, findings from a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in March this year reveal that the dreaded COVID-19 virus is detectable for up to three hours in aerosols, up to four hours on objects. copper, up to 24 hours in cardboard and up to two or three days in plastic and stainless steel objects.

While the communication campaign launched on virus prevention is making people aware of how to disinfect commonly used objects to stop virus transmission, such disinfection has yet to be conclusively proven to be foolproof. As pandemic cases spiral upward at an alarming rate, it has become imperative that people adopt and use contactless devices in the home and office that can be operated remotely.

Bengaluru-based IFIHomes (
www.ifihomes.com), a smart life technology company serving broad markets, has a suite of product offerings that are operated remotely and are based on proximity sensors.

Ifihomes contactless products that are cut for domestic and commercial establishments include:

Sensor operated water faucet – that does not require any physical contact. This automatic touch opens when there is some movement like the movement of the hands in front of it and closes when the movement stops. A conventional water faucet can be replaced by installing the DIY-based sensor kit in a matter of five minutes. Also, the unit is wireless, making installation easy. Using these non-contact taps in the handwashing area or kitchen / pantry prevents any possible spread of the virus among people who frequent those places.

Sensor actuated soap dispensers – Although frequent hand washing is a good habit these days, handling a soap dispenser that others touch can be a problem. A sensor-operated soap dispenser is a good option to have today. The sensor-operated soap dispenser activates when there is movement in front of it and releases a defined amount of soap without having to physically operate the utility.

Motion Activated Light / Bulb – A conventional electric light switchboard could be a repository for germs and viruses, especially if they are operated by several people. Motion activated lights / bulbs avoid the need to physically operate the control unit to turn on / off the bulbs. Instead, the motion activated light bulbs will light up when a person enters after the ambient light goes out and turns off when a person leaves. This is a simple solution to illuminate the entrance area, the walkway, the bathroom or any passage. However, they may not be suitable for bedrooms and living rooms as the lights will turn on only when there is movement around them.

Lights from dusk to dawn – These lights turn on / off as the ambient light fades / increases. Door lights are ideal for installation on the door or in the common area of ​​a building.

Remotely operated lights / switches – For those who want to have their lights / switches remotely operable and programmed to turn on / off using Timer / Alexa / Google Home, IFIHomes provides panels and modules that can be installed on the existing panel for lighting to come on controlled with a mobile app, timer, event or by voice command to Alexa / Google Home. This is again a DIY kit that can be installed with a rudimentary knowledge of electrical wiring. DIY videos are available to assist customers in this regard.

Door bells based on non-contact sensors – The conventional bell will have numerous digital impressions that could also leave germs and viruses. The IFIHomes non-contact sensor-based doorbell is activated whenever a person approaches the door and the doorbell placed inside the house alerts someone to the door. In this way, the doorbell stops having physical handling.

Remote controlled video cameras – These camera units are ideal for remotely monitoring office premises, offices, shops or even a place where the elderly reside. IFIHomes offers a range of wifi cameras that can be placed in indoor and outdoor environments, connected via the Internet. In this way, thefts can be thwarted, or any water / fire hazards can be prevented / managed through rapid surveillance.

Automatic water / fire alarms. – IFIHomes offers automatic water / fire alarms that activate sirens in places where the situation must be monitored and acted upon. The alarm / siren can be placed in remote locations that are not necessarily protected by security personnel.

Automated exterior lighting with solar energy – Solar lights have been on the market for a while now. They are mainly used for outdoor lighting when it gets dark, with solar energy trapped during the day. IFIHomes has a range of solar powered automated outdoor lighting that runs for five days in a row with a full day of solar cell charging. Therefore, lighting is possible even in times of cloudy / rainy days.

IFIHomes believes that the pandemic has brought about certain changes in people’s hygiene habits and practices that will continue forever. People would prefer to use contactless devices and utilities that are in common use to protect themselves against the transmission of viruses of any kind. It does not necessarily have to be a case of protection against the COVID-19 virus alone.

IFIHomes has ensured that its products are widely in the affordable range and meet the highest quality standards. The company maintains that “there is a general perception that remotely operated devices like what they offer are more expensive, which is not the case. They have kept the price level reasonable for many consumers to easily accept their offers. “Those who start using contactless home and office services are unlikely to turn to conventional offers.

Smart distance

IFIHomes prides itself on extending after-sales service and customer service, which are a great driver of consumer confidence, especially in the e-commerce environment where quality concerns tend to worry the minds of consumers.

ifihomes.com For the past 6 years, it has served its clients with more than 300 products that make homes and offices smart and healthy. It has partnered with innovators and laboratories around the world to bring innovations to customers. To visit
www.ifihomes.com to know more about these products. For inquiries about associations and trade contact us at
[email protected] IFIHomes products are also available on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com under the ifitech & Setracker brand.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of IFIHomes by Times Internet Spotlight team.

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