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Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi Mann ki Baat speech: Highlights | India News

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday during the 64th edition of the monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ program.

More about Covid-19

Here’s a look at the key points of his address:

  • In India, the fight against coronavirus is “people-driven.” When the whole world is fighting this pandemic. In the future, whenever the coronavirus is mentioned, the people-driven approach of India will have a central point.
  • We are in the midst of a ‘Yuddh’. Every Indian is a soldier in this fight. We are all in this together!
  • Our hardworking farmers make sure that no one is hungry.
  • Everyone is fighting this crisis in their own capacity. Some are donating their full pension, they are rewarding money to the PM Care fund, farmers are donating their entire plant products, some people are making face masks, while others paint schools after quarantine.
  • We can all become ‘Covid Warriors’ and fight this threat as one!
  • One of the main priorities is to help the poor and vulnerable.
  • Whether it is our business, office culture, education, medical sector … they are all adapting to new changes in a post-Coronavirus world. There is a strong desire to innovate in various areas.
  • From food for the disadvantaged, organizing rations, securing closure, hospital arrangements to indigenous medical manufacturing … the entire country is moving together in the same direction, toward a single common goal.
  • India made some decisions, which were guided by our spirit.
  • We have created a digital platform ‘covidwarriors.gov.in’: volunteers from social organizations, civil society and local administration are connected through this platform. 1.25 million people, including doctors, nurses, NCC cadets, etc., have joined this platform. You can also become a Covid warrior.
  • Today when world leaders say to me: Thank you India, thank you people of India, I am very proud. India is taking care of its own citizens and India is helping to create a healthier planet.
  • Do what you can to improve immunity. Please note that our traditional systems offer excellent methods of doing this. Let’s make these systems popular and share them in a language that the world understands.
  • Among the welcome changes in the post-Coronavirus era is the awareness of the need to wear masks. A mask is something that we will have to continue using in the coming times. It does not mean that the person wearing a mask is not well, it is just a prudent precaution.
  • In India we always knew that spitting in public places is wrong. However, it continued in some places. Now is the best time to make sure we don’t spit. This will increase basic hygiene and strengthen the fight against Covid-19.
  • I commend state governments for their proactive role in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • We all celebrate the Akshaya Tritiya festival, but this year has a special meaning. This day reminds us that no matter how many disasters come our way and how many contagions we have to face, the human spirit of fighting them is inexhaustible.
  • While celebrating Ramzan the previous time, no one would have thought that there would be so many difficulties during Ramzan this time. This time, let’s pray that the world can free itself from the coronavirus at the time of Eid.
  • Today we see images from all corners where sanitation workers are being bathed in petals. Previously, you probably didn’t even notice their contribution.

Last month, in episode 63 of ‘Mann ki Baat’, Modi focused on the situation prevailing in the country due to Covid-19.

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On March 24, the Prime Minister announced a 21-day national blockade as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of Covid-19. The blockade was later extended until May 3.

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