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Karnataka eases 2.0 blocking restrictions starting today | Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: After days of nonsense, the Karnataka government said it would facilitate Thursday’s 2.0 shutdown, allowing for a variety of services, from private clinics and veterinary centers to home repairs involving carpenters, plumbers, electricians and mechanics.

The government order issued Wednesday said the relaxations will not apply to Covid-19 hot spots and containment zones in the state. Educational institutions remain closed and non-essential travel is prohibited everywhere.

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Under-registration offices will open in 11 districts. While mass gatherings are prohibited, funerals with a limit of 20 people will be allowed.

Chief Secretary of State TM Vijay Bhaskar said IT and ITeS companies will be able to function with minimal essential staff. “The government has left companies to decide their minimum personnel requirements and discuss it with the IT-BT department before resuming work. We will allow only critical personnel, who identify themselves and issue passes, to function. The others will continue to work from home, “he said.

Plumbers, electricians, and other freelancers will also need police passes to resume work. The resumption modalities in various sectors will be resolved in the coming days.

Government hopes to revive economy

Relaxation is mainly to revive the economy step by step. Although there will be challenges, the government is prepared to face them, ”said MP CM CN Ashwath Narayan, who owns the IT-BT portfolio.

The order specifies that companies must encourage employees with children up to the age of five and seniors (65 years or older) at home to work from their residence. “We would encourage IT-BT companies to use contracted carriage services to transport their employees or to continue the option of working from home,” said another senior official.

“Freelancers living on a daily income, such as carpenters, electricians, motor mechanics and plumbers, will be able to work, wear masks and maintain social distance,” he said. All private and veterinary clinics can also reopen. Hotels, homestays, hostels, and motels can function to accommodate the stranded in the confinement.

Other activities that may resume include: hotels for parcel services, agricultural producer marketing committee courtyards, cement, steel, tile and brick production. While inter-district and inter-state travel continues to be suspended, the dhabas have been allowed to operate on roads 20 km from each other, primarily to guarantee food for truckers.

Other sectors in the area of ​​relaxation are: courier services, food processing industries and warehousing and cold storage services, container depots.

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