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Flashback: when Salman Khan canceled his wedding in 1999, despite the distribution of cards | Hindi Movie News


Salman Khan’s wedding has always been a popular topic of conversation. While he’s married multiple times on the big screen, did you know Salman was close to getting married in real life? During his appearance on a television show, the actor revealed that he was “so close” to getting married. Salman’s good friend Sajid Nadiadwala had made some massive revelations about the actor.

Sajid had said on a show that Salman was eager to get married in 1999 and that he also had a girl. He had revealed that the actor planned to get married on his father’s birthday in November. Salman and Sajid reportedly decided to get married on the same date, the cards were distributed only five or six days before the expiration date. Salman changed his mind and said he was not in the mood.

Currently, Salman Khan is rumored to be in a relationship with Iulia Vantur. While the actor enjoys life locked in his farm in Panvel, Iulia accompanies him there.

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