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Create smooth and confident readers while the world is on hold


Would you trust Albert Einstein with your children’s learning? Who would not? Well, it was he who said, “If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read them more fairy tales. ” And this sounds like a great plan during these testing times when everyone is confined to their homes, and it is quite chaotic to involve children in exercises that are not only fun but also beneficial.

While reading to your children is a great way to relate, it is best to have them read. Reading is a magical portal that allows people, especially young children, to discover new realities. It is also a practically beneficial and fundamental activity for the development of children. In today’s closing world, words have become more powerful than ever. This is how everyone does their job while under lock and key: chatting, sending emails, calling, texting, connecting digitally; everything requires the ability to read and understand words. And the benefits of reading go much further, especially when the habit is instilled at a young age.


Improved concentration: When a child focuses on stories regularly, he / she develops a habit of concentrating on other forms of media presented to them.

Memory improvement: Children up to 2 years old try to remember all the characters, backgrounds, and other associations in the stories they read. Practicing reading a book helps increase your memory.

Discover more of what they see: Reading teaches children about different people, places, events, ideas, and beliefs outside of their personal experiences.

Brain exercise: When you encourage your child to read more, it helps him improve his understanding and vocabulary.

Foster critical thinking skills: As they read, children tend to predict what will happen in the story, challenging their brains to think of many possibilities. This increases your understanding and analytical thinking skills.


Now you know how important reading is to your children. Do not let this blockage affect your child’s education and progress. In fact, in this time of social estrangement, a host of storytellers and creators of children’s books are using technology to bring the magic of the stories into their homes. A great way to involve your children is
SquareTales reading app. This is not just an app, but a learning system that can help your child become an independent reader and student.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, frantic children and parents are more tied to their home than they are used to. Parents feel the pressure of having to engage their children in meaningful activities while balancing work, leaving them with very little “I” time. So, the creators of the
SquareTales reading app they took responsibility for providing a solution. They introspected, what if children learned to enjoy reading? Can we make them feel that reading is playing? Wouldn’t they end up exploring and collecting the topics that interest them? Won’t they go deeper as you progress on your learning journey?

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The answer lies in gamification: making reading seem like a game so that children don’t even realize they are learning to read. The app allows parents to play with their children, celebrate their little victories, and bond with them.

The SquareTales reading app It is designed by a team of US psychologists, educators, technologists, and neuroscientists. USA and India. They understood that most children have difficulty reading effectively and decided to build a new learning system from scratch, based on cutting-edge research.


The simplicity of
SquareTales reading app It was achieved after more than 130 experts dedicated all their time and effort to build this learning system. You will be able to track significant progress in your child’s reading ability in 5 books read in 5 weeks. The creators of the application have combined ancient learning techniques with artificial intelligence and technology so that your child needs to play only 15 minutes a day and be good at reading. You can search
SquareTales reading app in Play Store or App Store and try it for free.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of SquareTales Reading App by Times Internet Spotlight team.

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