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PM Modi is right to ask for unity | HT Editorial – Editorials


In a blog post on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi noted that coronavirus disease (Covid-19) does not see “race, religion, color, caste, creed, language or border before attacking.” This, he stressed, meant that the response should attribute primacy to “unity and brotherhood.” There is a common challenge that all countries and societies face; Therefore, the solution lies in resistance and bonding.

The pandemic has been a great leveler. Privilege and wealth have not been insurance policies against him. Given India’s diversity, where primordial identities often become flaws in conflict, the prime minister’s message is even more relevant. A united response, coupled with empathy, is the only way out. But here’s the problem. Supporters of the ruling dispensation have engaged in divisive rhetoric and have tried to blame the spread of the disease on certain communities, particularly minorities. This newspaper has been categorical in calling the Tablighi Jamaat meeting irresponsible and criminal. But some people have used the gathering as an excuse to attack all Muslims, which, in turn, has made segments of the community reluctant to report symptoms and see a conspiracy against them when none exist. There have been irresponsible actions in various states, including keeping Muslim patients away or segregating patients. Everyone should internalize the Prime Minister’s message and stop playing politics because of the pandemic.

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