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Woman seeks police help when her husband stops bathing and demands sex in Bangalore | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: A mother of two recently reported her husband to Parihar, the Bengaluru police women’s helpline, claiming that she had stopped bathing since the running of the bulls on March 24 and was pressuring her to have sex. sexual.

This is one of the many complaints the helpline has been receiving, police officers said, since being huddled at home for a long period causes friction in families and puts women at risk of mental and physical abuse. The problem is not limited to Bangalore, Karnataka, or India. Police advisers and mental health services in many countries, including Australia, Britain and the United States, report a worrying increase in calls for help in internal affairs.

This call to Parihar came from Jayanagar. The 31-year-old woman said her husband was a grocer and had refused to open his store after citing a cash crisis to run the business. When the lock went into effect, her personal hygiene was shaken and she slowly stopped bathing.

The woman told police advisers that she repeatedly reminded him of the benefits of good hygiene in times of a viral outbreak, but to no avail. He allegedly demanded sex and when she refused, he hit her. “Her nine-year-old daughter began to follow the father’s routine baths. We explained to him the importance of hygiene, ”said Senior Counselor BS Saraswathi. In another case, a Banaswadi real estate agent allegedly assaulted his wife and kicked her out after she refused to cook Biryani chicken. The woman had cited her greatest workload and wanted to prepare a simple meal.

She has sought Parihar’s help in seeking legal recourse.

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